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Cooking Up
Exciting Accessories
at Concept Kitchen

 By ED Zabrek

The most vulnerable (and expensive) component of your handheld computing device is the display screen. If the unit is pen capable, the screen takes the most use and abuse, and is subject to damage. Back in my Apple Newton days, I used a protective screen add-on that saved that PDA from dust and scratches, and saved my wallet the $300.00 replacement cost from inadvertent damage. I was thrilled when I found a company that had taken on the task of developing protective accessories for the current crop of H/PCs and Palm-size PCs.

The company is Concept Kitchen (, and the package I looked at was their "PDA Survival Kit." This package contains three very useful products (WriteRight™, Karma Cloth™, and Brain Wash™) that will keep your PDA's screen clean and healthy. The products are also marketed separately. A "Fingertip" stylus is also included as a bonus. This product will eventually be replaced with a "PenCap" Stylus.

WriteRight Screen Enhancements

Many PC Companion users end up tapping the touchscreen with their fingers. It's convenient, but it also leaves fingerprints, dirt, and grease on the screen. If left on long enough, these can actually damage the screen. WriteRight is a thin, rectangular piece of clear plastic that lies on the screen to protect it. The kit comes with a dozen WriteRights, intended to last about 1 month each. Clean the touchscreen thoroughly before applying the WriteRight. (The manufacturer strongly recommends a thorough screen cleaning with the Karma Cloths and Brain Wash, included with the PDA Survival Kit before installing the WriteRight). The WriteRight is removed without difficulty, leaving no residue on the screen.

I'm a physician and enter a lot of handwritten notes on my PC Companion. I have inadvertently pulled a pen out of my pocket and used it as a "stylus." WriteRight helps protect my touchscreen against the kind of damage this would cause. The plastic screen saver gives a nice tactile feel to your fingernail when it acts a your stylus. Concept Kitchen makes WriteRight for H/PCs, Palm-size PCs and PalmPilots.

Karma Cloths

These reusable screen "dusters" buff out minor screen scratches, as well as removing dust and debris. They work incredibly well. Enough said!

Brain Wash

In addition to the Karma Cloths, the kit includes a dozen wet/dry disposable "towelettes." These soft, lint free cloths clean your screen better than anything I have tried. They do not streak or stain the display. After using this package, my display looked better than it did when it was new from the box.

The PDA Survival Kit is priced at $69.99 and is available directly from Concept Kitchen, Phone: 415-252-3333, Web:  

     Ed is Medical Editor of Handheld PC Magazine, a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist in Houston, Texas, and chief technology correspondent for OBGYN.NET (, a Web site for obstetricians, gynecologists, and related industry persons.

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