My Top Five Golf Games

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf focuses on realism and has a variety of options.

For more information on Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, please visit the Pocket Gear Web site ( Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf supports all Pocket PCs. A free demo is available, and the full version can be purchased for $29.95.

3D Nine Hole Golf (B)

This golf simulator from OmniGSoft uses a horizontal power bar at the bottom of the screen to select the strength of your swing, instead of the C gauge on the other two games (see screen image). Tap and hold on the bar until the power reaches the level you want and then quickly lift up and tap the screen to take your shot. (The gold colored bar indicates the power; all the way to the right is 100%. The screen shot below shows the bar at about 75%) The power gauge decreases quickly and it takes practice to select the exact power level you want.

Nine Hole lets you play on one of three imaginary courses. You can select from only four clubs: driver, putter, wedge, and iron. The program displays a small 2D map of the hole in the upper right corner of the screen, but like the other titles, does not offer a 2D playing mode. Four people can play in a round, but you have to pass the Pocket PC around—it does not have wireless multiplayer capability.

Nine Hole has better in-game sound effects than the other two simulators. (The effects on the other two games turn on and off occasionally, which some may find annoying.) It also has an excellent "aim at hole" feature that makes sure you are initially facing the small white box outline that indicates the direction of the pin. Visuals are a bit better than the other titles, and the dynamically-moving clouds are a nice touch. Finally, the built-in help feature, including a glossary, is excellent—second only to Links. If you want the best graphics and audio and aren't picky about having official courses or a full range of clubs, take a look at 3D Nine Hole Golf.

3D Nine Hole Golf has great graphics.

For more information on Nine Hole Golf, Please visit the OmniG Software site ( 3D Nine Hole Golf supports all Pocket PCs and Smartphones. A demo is available, and the full version of the game can be purchased for $17.95.

Harry Putter's Crazy Golf (A+)

Harry Putter's Crazy Golf is entertaining without the complexity of the simulators. You needn't worry about different terrain types, weather, or multiple clubs (you have only two: a wedge and the traditional putter). The user interface is simple and uncluttered. For example, the first person perspective offers no bird's eye view or map feature. Controls are also easy: aim the direction of your shot by using either the D-pad or the touch screen (the latter has superior precision). To take your shot, hold down the designated hardware button to set the force and let up when you're ready to shoot. (This may cause problems on devices with press-and-hold button support like the newer Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox series.) Finally, a mulligan feature (replaying the last shot) is directly accessible on the touch screen. While it may not offer much technical precision, and the lack of a bird's-eye view makes aiming shots a little difficult at times, simple game play and a great course design makes this one a winner!

Harry Putter's Crazy Golf pits you against a tricky course in a castle setting.

For more information on Harry Putter's Crazy Golf, please visit the 4 Pockets Web site ( Harry Putter's Crazy Golf supports all Pocket PCs. A free demo is available, and the full version can be purchased for $14.95.

Pocket Mini Golf 2 (A)


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