Samsung BlackJack II versus Motorola Q 9 Global

The BlackJack II and Moto Q 9 Global are two of the hottest smartphones on the market right now, and deciding between these two units can be a challenge. Let’s start by looking at the key differences on their spec sheets:

Samsung BlackJack II Moto Q Global

Point-by-point comparison

Size: The Q 9 is slightly taller and wider than the BlackJack, and both devices are about the same thickness when the standard battery is installed in the Q 9. With the extended battery, the Q 9 is significantly thicker and heavier, and feels quite bulky. The BlackJack II seemed to fit better in my hand, but for those with larger hands the Q 9 might be better.

Battery life: The extended battery does give the Q 9 a slight edge over the BlackJack II in battery life, but when using the standard battery, the BlackJack II lasts significantly longer than the Q 9.

The QWERTY keyboard: The keyboard on the Q 9 feels slightly higher quality and more satisfying, with individual keys spaced very effectively.

Performance: The faster processor in the Q 9 gave it a performance edge, and the GPS acquisition time was faster on the Q 9.

Display: The screen on the Q 9 is brighter and more vivid than on the BlackJack II.

Camera: The addition of the camera flash gives the Q 9 an additional edge.

Other hardware features: The BlackJack II has a rotary scroll wheel, but the Q 9 does not have a scroll wheel at all; the BlackJack II has a proprietary connectors, the Q 9 has a standard mini-USB port for charging and connectivity.

Pricing: Both devices are available from AT&T Wireless. At the time of this review, the Q 9 costs $149.99 and the BlackJack II costs $99.99 (with 2-year contracts after mail-in rebates).

Which device is better?

As for which device is better, it really comes down to what your needs and preferences are. If you like a slim, sexy design, the BlackJack II is the winner. If you want long battery life without dealing with a bulky extended battery, the BlackJack II also wins. If you want the best performance, the Q 9 wins, and if you want to use standard chargers, data cables, and headphones then the Q 9 is your only option. If you want extra software out-of-the-box, the Q 9 is the way to go. If price is a factor though, the BlackJack II is cheaper. Bottom-line, both of these units are worthy Smartphones, and either one is a good choice depending on your needs.


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