Ask the Experts: Windows Mobile Games

This software is perfect for people who want a lot of casino games in a solid package. It may not have the fanciest graphics, but version three has a smoother look. The games are highly customizable with detailed instructions on how to play. However, the slots were disappointing and I’d like to see a learning mode included, especially for things like Blackjack. (Rachel Eichen)



Chess Games

Championship Chess Championship Chess Pro

Touch screen only

This one is the least intimidating chess game for novices, but has all the options an expert would want. (Andy Mason) Add the ability to save games. (Juan David Gomez)



Touch and non-touch screen

This fast and responsive game is great for hardcore chess players. Graphics could be improved a little and it would be great if they added the ability to play opponents online. (Juan David Gomez)


Touch screen only

PocketGrandmaster is easy to install and set up and comes with very thorough Help/Documentation files. The UI is nice and the program comes with plenty of optional board styles. (Andy Mason)

Classic Arcade

Acky's XP Breakout Acky’s XP Breakout

Touch screen only

A rich game with tons of power ups, brick types, bonuses, and extras (e.g., the spaceships that fly across the top). However, the registration process for Isotope244 games is not user-friendly! (Ben Stanley)


Atomic Cannon Pocket

Touch and non-touch screen

This one is a dueling cannons game with several weapon types, breathtaking effects, and nice graphics. Atomic Cannon is hours of challenging fun and worth every cent! (Alex Januschewsky)

Retro-Games 1-4

Touch screen only

A nice collection of games—I especially like Magy4! It would be great if there was an automated installer for this program and a more user-friendly interface. (Ben Stanley)

Color Matching

Bejeweled Bejeweled 2

Touch and non-touch screen

The gem graphics on Bejeweled 2 are superb as are the power ups. (Meryl Evans)


Bubble Shooter

Touch and non-touch screen

I found myself playing Bubble Shooter again and again. It’s simple to play—exactly what’s needed for short games. I liked the fact that the games are saved automatically. (Amir Keren) I’d like to see them add different bubble themes, instead of just changing the “stamp” on the bubbles. (Meryl Evans)



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