Ask the Experts: Windows Mobile Games

A wonderful follow-up to the original, Tradewinds 2 has fantastic gameplay. (Douglas Goldring) It would be good if your character was allowed to build up a fleet of ships to combat the pirate fleets! (Dan Goh)

Sudoku Puzzles

Mastersoft SuDoku V2

Touch and non-touch screen

The UI, endless options, ease of use, colors, and input method are great. (Amir Keren) The game plays slow due to the usage of .Net in its development—they should convert it to native code. (Lutz Bendlin)

Resco Sudoku Resco Sudoku

Touch and non-touch screen

It has a clean and simple interface, the ability to switch between “Cell first” and “Number first” modes, and automatic track of pencils. They should add a mode that automatically converts single pencils to numbers—either until a duplicate is hit or until no more single pencils are left. They should also allow landscape mode. (Lutz Bendlin)


Sudoku Rules Extreme!

Touch screen only

Very nice implementation of the game—it’s easy to understand and play. Skinning options are missing, though. (Amir Keren)


Kevtris Kevtris

Touch and non-touch screen

Nothing fancy, just good old Tetris—and it’s free! Maybe incorporating some form of music would make the game experience a bit better. (Raj Pillai)


Handmark Tetris

Touch screen only

Handmark’s Tetris includes the background score of the original Tetris, which makes the playing experience perfect! (Raj Pillai)

Top-down (maze) puzzle-adventure games

Mummy Maze

Touch and non-touch screen

This is a fun little game when you need a quick challenge. The mazes were appropriately complicated, but it needs more levels. (Douglas Goldring)


Touch and non-touch screen

The best feature is that you can play TMax with one hand using the buttons on your device. I also like the fact that the levels get unlocked as you solve the puzzles. I would have liked it if the game had an undo option since it’s quite annoying to restart the whole level again. I would also like the ability to customize the speed of the characters. (Raj Pillai)

Trivia Games

Trivial Pursuit Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition

Touch screen only

They did a great job of converting the board game into computer form, but the game hasn’t been updated in years. How about offering an update module with new questions? Also, it seems a bit expensive. (Jen Edwards)


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