Buyers Guide 2006

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Volume 8 Issue 7

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2006-a new era in Windows Mobile computing

Windows Mobile PDAs & Smartphones

What is Windows Mobile?
An introduction to Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS, the handheld devices that use it, and the applications built into those handhelds.
First Look: New Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs and Smartphones
First impressions of the new Dell Axim X51v, HP iPAQ rx1950, HTC Universal, Sprint PPC 6700, and T-Mobile SDA II.
Pocket PC Pros and Cons
Select which type of Windows Mobile device suits you best and then narrow down the search to a specific model.
Pros and Cons: Windows Mobile Smartphone
What is a Windows Mobile Portable Media Center?

Software & Accessories

10 Ways to Make a Good Thing Better
Be more effective and have more fun with great software and hardware accessories
Smarter Smartphones
10 Ways to Make a Smartphone Better
Best Software Awards 2005
Winners and Finalists
Best Smartphone Software
Expert Judges' Favorite Software
Top GPS Navigation Systems for the Pocket PC
Best Developer Software
2005 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners: Forum Moderators
2005 Smartphone & Pocket PC Board of Experts
Best Hardware Accessories: Editor's Picks
New Hardware Accessories for 2005
Accessories from Pocket PC and Smartphone manufacturers and vendors

How To Use

Your Guide to Some of the Most Useful Pocket PC and Smartphone Web Sites

Enterprise Solutions

Which Windows Mobile Device Should I Buy?
A guide to selecting the Pocket PC or Smartphone that meets your needs
Ruggedized/Vertical Niche Windows Mobile Devices
Pros and Cons-Handheld PCs
Custom Software for Your Enterprise
Custom Windows Mobile Software Developers
Enterprise, Professional, and Developer Software