Dec 2006/Jan 2007

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Volume 9 Issue 6

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Best GPS Solutions
7 Top Global Positioning System (GPS) software solutions

Windows Mobile PDAs & Smartphones

Pros & Cons: Pocket PCs
Windows Mobile PDAs help you organize your life; they do not include an integrated phone.
Pros & Cons: Pocket PCs with Built-In Phone
Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition devices help you organize your life and stay in touch and connected wherever you are.
Pros & Cons: Smartphones
Sneak Preview: Windows Mobile Devices Coming Soon
A number of new devices have been announced, but were not available in the U.S. when this issue of the magazine closed in mid-September.

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Software & Accessories

Windows Mobile: Familiar Windows Software on Your Pocket PC or Smartphone Helps Manage Your Life
2006 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners
10 Ways to Make a Good Thing Better
Be more effective and have more fun with great software and hardware accessories.
We Ask the Experts About Their Favorite Software
<EM>Smartphone & Pocket PC</EM> Board of Experts 2006
Ask the Experts: What's Your Favorite Accessory?

Enterprise Solutions

Ruggedized/Vertical Niche Windows Mobile Devices
Custom Software for Your Enterprise
Software Available for the Enterprise, Professionals, and Developers