New Windows Mobile 6 Devices

New devices give users faster data, easier text entry, and more wireless capabilities.

Microsoft recently announced the latest update to its mobile OS and application suite—Windows Mobile 6 (WM6). Manufacturers now have this version of the software, and we should start seeing mobile devices based on it soon. A number of new WM6 devices have been announced or were displayed at the 3GSM wireless show earlier this year. Some of these are for European or Asian distribution only. As we completed this review in late March, none had made it to the retail channel. The new naming conventions for Windows Mobile devices are as follows:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard: Phone-enabled device without a touchscreen (formerly Smartphone).
  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional: Phone-enabled device with a touchscreen (formerly Phone Edition).
  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic: Windows Mobile device without a phone (formerly Pocket PC). None of the devices mentioned in this article are Classics.


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