Boost Pocket PC RAM to 128MB

PocketPCTechs upgrades RAM memory on Pocket PC and Phone Edition devices to 64 MB and 128 MB

If you read my review of the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition in the last issue of Pocket PC magazine, you may recall that I proclaimed that device to be my new Pocket PC of choice, in spite of its having only 32 MB of internal RAM. I also mentioned that I was going to upgrade the internal RAM of the T-Mobile Phone Edition device to 128 MB using the services of PocketPCTechs. As a physician, I am a power user and need every bit of internal memory that I can squeeze out of my Pocket PC. This upgrade has allowed me to proclaim unequivocally that the 128 MB T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition with the SimpleTech 512 MB SD card is the best overall Pocket PC solution I have ever used!

Painless Upgrade

The upgrade process is fairly painless, but not one you can do at home. You must send your Pocket PC or Phone Edition device in to the technicians at PocketPCTechs. Aware that you can't live very long without your cell phone, the company promises that the upgrade process will be performed as quickly as possible. Turn-around time is usually less than one week after they receive your device. I sent in my device and was kept up-to-date via e-mail on a daily basis. Shipping to the company is at your expense. I recommend insured, trackable, 2nd-day FedEx or UPS shipping. PocketPCTechs will return the device to you at their expense via 2nd-day FedEx .

I had the choice of upgrading my device to 64 or 128 MB of RAM. I opted for the higher capacity, even though PocketPCTechs warned me that the 128 MB upgrade can reduce the T-Mobile's battery life by 10-20%. I was able to do an informal two-week comparison of battery life between my upgraded T-Mobile Phone Edition device and a "virgin" 32 MB device on loan from T-Mobile. The difference in battery life was not noticeable in day-to-day use.

The Pocket PC operating system can only access 64 MB of RAM and this upgrade gave me 128 MB. The additional 64 MB appears as an additional internal partition called the "T2T Disk" This additional partition is "dynamic," which means that if your device loses power for longer than a few minutes, you will lose any information stored on it. The good news is that a good ActiveSync backup does retain the information on that partition. If you crash and restore from that backup, all that will be lost is the data that had been entered since the last ActiveSync backup.

Upgrades available for a variety of Pocket PCs and Phone Edition devices

In addition to upgrading T-Mobile Pocket PC Phones, PocketPCTechs also performs memory upgrades for the HP iPAQ and Jornada 560 series; Toshiba's e310, e570, and e740; Casio's EM500 and E-200; the Audiovox Maestro series; and the UR There @migo. Other Phone Edition devices they upgrade include the 02 xda and the new AT&T SX56. Memory upgrades range from 64MB to 256MB, depending on make and model. Performing the RAM upgrade requires that a technician open the case of the device, which voids the manufacturer's warranty. They give upgrade customers a 90-day warranty on parts and labor, as well as on the motherboard of the Pocket PC.

Main circuit board of a Pocket PC (HP iPAQ). The RAM chips that will be replaced in the PocketPCtechs upgrade are located under the "RF shield" (here).

PocketPCTechs also specializes in iPAQ repairs and service, carrying many Compaq original parts including batteries, touch screens, and more. In addition, they manufacture several custom products for Pocket PCs, including WriteSHIELD, the best screen protector I have ever used. They offer several other do-it-yourself repair kits and high-capacity battery upgrades and are in the process of developing several new power and connectivity accessories for various Pocket PCs.

The company was formed in 2002 from an alliance of PCE2000 and Times2 Tech. Both Leonard Wesson and Mack Baggette have a long history of upgrading portable devices, from laptops to handhelds. They have a combined experience of over 30 years in the portable upgrade arena. They are the most widely known and respected upgrade company in the business, servicing all of the U.S. and Europe.


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