Get more from GPS by sharing your location with family and friends

The SportsDo RSS feed is an interactive list of all the activities recorded by SportsDo products around the world. By adding tags at the end of the RSS feed, you can customize the information that is displayed within the feed. The main URL for the RSS feed is but, for example, if you only want to pull down "running activities" you can do so that by entering into your RSS reader.

GpsGate: Share your GPS data with other applications and your location with anyone

Fig. 3: The Web site allows authorized people to view your current location and heading overlaid on a Google Map.

If you plan on running multiple GPS applications at one time and want to share your location information, you might want to take a look at GpsGate from Franson Technology AB ( The software was originally designed to share location information available from your GPS receiver with multiple programs. So, for example, you could use the program to share info with a turn by turn mapping program and software that uses your current location to display nearby points of interest. But, earlier this year, Franson Technology launched an update that allowed users to share their current location (Fig. 3) with "buddies" invited to the Web site.

 The on-device software application has a no-frills interface, and you need to manually set up the connection to in order to begin sharing your location. (Complete information on how to do this is available at However, what the software lacks in polish, it more than makes up for in stability. The application ran well in the background and seamlessly connected to my Bluetooth GPS system without any tinkering. GpsGate periodically transmits your location to the Web server (you set the time period), or whenever you've moved a specific distance from your last location (which you can designate in feet, yards, or miles).

GpsGate Standard has a 14-day trial version or is available to purchase for $29.95 ( The Standard version supports an unlimited number of applications to connect to the GPS, while an "express" version is available for $9.95, which only allows you to connect two applications to connect at once and does not allow you to send your location information to the GpsGate Web site.

Get More from GpsGate!

When you create an account on, you will have the ability to create public or private "groups." These groups are perfect for gathering people with the same interests. For example, you might make one group for your cross-country running team and another for your private pilot's club. Now, on one easy Web site, you can track the location of all of your teammates.

Navizon: Location detection and sharing with or without GPS hardware


Figs. 4: Navizon can pinpoint your location using GPS or Wi-Fi data.

Navizon started out as a Wi-Fi location service that would pinpoint your location using the names or "SSIDs" (service set identifiers) of wireless networks in your area. Based on the assumption that other users with GPS had previously "mapped" the area, it could create a reasonably accurate estimate of your location. With version 3.0, Navizon supports on-device mapping of your own location (Fig. 4) and your buddies.


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