My Top Ten Games

Have fun and showcase the power of your Windows Mobile device with the best games available.

One of the best kept secrets about Windows Mobile devices is that they are incredible entertainment platforms. And unlike dedicated devices like the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, they are not constrained to a single purpose. When there's work to be done, the built-in productivity applications and a host of third-party programs help you stay on top of your schedule and in keep touch with your associates. You can switch back and forth between work and play quickly and easily, all the while listening to your favorite music playing in the background.

Windows Mobile devices are more versatile and multifunctional than any other gaming-optimized handhelds on the market today, and there are hundreds of high-quality games available for these devices. However, only a few of them are absolute must-have titles. The list presented here includes games from an assortment of categories, including action, adventure, puzzles, sports, and more. Some of these titles push the limits of graphics and sound; others extend the challenges of strategy and mental concentration. All are examples of the best games available for Windows Mobile devices.

The list is organized in inverse order, with the number one game at the end. The order is based roughly on the number of hours I continued playing a particular title after its initial novelty wore off. In addition, I considered how likely it was that I would ever uninstall the game from my device and how much I would want to show someone the game if I was asked "Can you play games on that thing?" I know it's subjective, but that is why these are "My Top Ten Games." Here they are:

The top 10

10. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is the sequel to the popular Sky Force.


This top down vertical scrolling shooter will remind gamers of arcade classics like 1942 and Xevious. "Sprites" (small animated objects) are smooth and numerous with almost no slowdown even when the screen is full of projectiles (a frequent occurrence, especially in the later, more intense levels). The major drawback to the game is its relatively brief duration, since all 8 levels can be played through in short order. Regardless, this game is the least expensive one highlighted in this list, and it showcases the Windows Mobile OS as a very capable arcade game platform. (Available for Windows Mobile touch screen devices and non-touch screen smartphones.)


9. Sudoku Master II

Sudoku Master II delivers both offline and online game play.


Sudoku has become the 21st century version of the crossword puzzle, with millions of players engaging in some variation of this number grid game throughout the world at any given moment. Real Dice combines both the solitary and competitive aspects of the game with offline and online functionality in Sudoku Master II. Players are encouraged to create an account with the company's online gaming portal, Real Dice World, to take on human opponents around the world in a leader board ranking system to determine the top Sudoku Master. A simple story mode also exists for those seeking a less confrontational, solo game playing experience. (Available for Windows Mobile touch screen devices and non-touch screen smartphones.)


8. Riven (sequel to Myst)

Riven for the Windows Mobile platform is an amazing technical achievement.



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