About the Board of Experts
Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone experts from throughout the world have agreed to judge and select winners for each software category. These experts are authors of Smartphone and Pocket PC books, Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine contributors, Microsoft Pocket PC MVPs, Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Support Forum helpers, and associates of top Smartphone and Pocket PC Web sites.

Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine wishes to thank these individuals. We invite you to visit their Web sites. Collectively, our experts will invest well over 1000 hours putting each piece of software through its paces. You will find their comments about the software published in 2008-09 issues of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. THANK YOU, EXPERTS.

List of Exerts:

Jeff Adams 
Jeff Adams is a long time Windows Mobile enthusiast, focusing on how Windows Mobile devices can help to improve both workplace and personal productivity. He also operates the website at http://www.pocketpccanada.com , an online resource containing news, reviews, and downloads for users of Windows Mobile devices.

Nate Adcock 
Systems test and integration engineer with experience managing and administering a wide variety of platforms and network environments. I have worked pretty extensively with the Pocket PC OS specifically, and handhelds in general, for both work and play...

Tari Akpodiete 
Tari Akpodiete created both PocketRocketFX.com and HandheldUnderground.com, two mobile community entertainment sites where Pocket PC enthusiasts and HPC users can download themes, wallpapers, ebooks, flash and video files. Watch for her forthcoming Mobile Media Interactive site.

Mohammed Babaee 
I am Mohammad Babaee, an expert in Mobile Computing. I have been reading about Windows Mobile since 2002. I am an Expert for DigiKala Inc. I was also a judge for 2007 Best Software Awards. I write articles about Mobile Computing for Magazines. I am a Consultant for some trading firms too.

Tariq Bamadhaj 
Tariq is one of the Co-Founders of My Today Screen, an all in one resource for Windows Mobile users. He is also one of the Experts on the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine website blog. His reviews on both the hardware and software aspects are in-depth and provides a fair evaluation of it.

Lutz Bendlin 
I am the North America Contributing Editor for pocketgpsworld.com - focusing mainly on the usability of pocket navigation products and their true resource requirements. Providing behind-the-scenes information on the inner workings of GPS software and hardware.

William Bressette 
I have been a ppc users ince the very early ages, I have owned a number of devices and I recoment software to my coprerate users all the time. I alos make sure that the software works 100% before I recommend anything I don't want any support headacks coming back at me. I use PPC and My GPS Devices Daily for Work, Travel and Play.

May Cheung 
I have been a Palm OS device user since 2003 and am the webmaster of Palm Discovery, which covers smartphones, PDAs and gadgets with tips and tricks, tutorials on its use and reviews of software and hardware products and accessories.

Shane Chiang 
Shane is a avid enthusiast of the Windows Mobile Powered Devices since day one, besides being a moderator for online community, www.ppcsg.com, he also reviews hardware and software for the Windows Mobile platform. He speaks at events and community gatherings. He is a Microsoft MVP and a member of Mobius. Shane is an executive director for a Fuel Cell Mfg company located in Singapore. He enjoys playing with his children, reading a good book, and anything gadgets.

Martin Choate 
Microsoft Windows Mobile product manager responsible for demo creation and presentations

Amit Chopra  
Sr.Program Manager with Microsoft; currently with the Mobile Developer Group (Visual Studio) based in Redmond, WA.

Menelaos Christophi 
Founder and webmaster of mypocketpcmobile.com. Working with Windows Mobile devices since their first appearance both as a software developer and user. Strongly believe that Windows Mobile powered devices will eventually conquer the cell phone industry.

Matt Coddington 
Matt Coddington has been a user of Pocket PC's and Windows CE devices for over a decade. He is the Editor of Windows Mobile Louisville and the founder of one of the original "Club Pocket PC" groups. A "power user" of the device, Matt says that the only time his Pocket PC is not at his side is when he is showering!

Jack Cook 
I have been a Pocket PC enthusiast for many years. I was fortunate in my early years to have had the opportunity of having others share information with me that made my understanding of the Pocket PC a little bit stronger. The result was that I began sharing information with others as the opportunity arose. Participating in a variety of forums throughout the past several years has broadened my experience with the Pocket PC. Throughout this time, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing information with others to help make their experience with their Pocket PC a little more rewarding. Over the past several years, I have actively participated on several sites. Currently, I am the Senior Editor on Mobilitysite, participate on the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine blogs and operate Experience Mobility (www.experiencemobility.com). After spending 35 years teaching mathematics and serving as a principal, I still have that desire to "teach" and share information. I think this quality will be of great value as a judge. I hope that I have been helpful and informative to those that have visited these sites and if I am selected again to be a judge, I hope that I will be able to continue to give back to the mobile community.

Riccardo D'Agostino 
administrator and responsible of the software section of www.x50v.eu

Dale Daniels  
Dale Daniels began the journey onto mobile computing only a few years ago, but quickly found that this was an area that would soon dominate his life. He used his knowledge of mobile devices to enhance the corporate training program for one of the top ten Third Party Logistics companies in the United States. Since then Dale has written articles for Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine as well as serving as a blogger for the Smartphone and Pocket PC websites's "Experts Online" area.

Chris De Herrera 
Expert on Windows Mobile, networking, wireless, ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center. You can read my research on how to use your Pocket PC at www.pocketpcfaq.com.

Julie De Jong 
I am a Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices, a moderator at MobilitySite/Aximsite, and a frequent poster at HP's IPAQ forum. In January 2007, I started a blog, from my pocket, to provide Pocket PC documentation, tips, and instruction to anyone who's interested in reading my blog. When I'm not messing around with my Pocket PCs, I teach undergraduate business courses at a large urban university.

Helio Diamant 
Microsoft MVP for the sixth nomination year, owner of the Pocket PC/Wireless related website PocketPCFreak.com and of Go-Mobile Ltd., a company dedicated to PocketPC-based integration projects and consulting in Israel. IT professional for the last 25 years, Windows CE and Windows Mobile enthusiast since 1997.

George Dimoff 
Mobile software expert with more than 5 years in reviewing applications for Windows Mobile devices at http://www.smartphone-freeware.com

Paolo D'orazio 
http://www.x50v.it moderator and software reviewer

Kamal DS 
I am the Administrator, editor-in-chief of GadgetMix.com, a website about gadgets; gadget news and expert reviews, views, rants about them. From the past 7 years, I've been a fan of mobile devices esp, about the Windows Mobile platform. Lately, I have been a fan of UMPCs and Netbooks. I have owned plethora of Pocket PCs and WM smartphones till date. I've also been the moderator of IndiPPC.com, a pocket pc forum

Jen Edwards 
I've been running PocketGoddess.com, a web site devoted to mobile technology news and reviews, since 2001, and have also contributed to Brighthand and Geek.com, plus print magazines such as Laptop, Computer Power User, PC Today, and Palmtop User. I have extensive experience with Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices and am looking forward to this opportunity to help choose the "best of the best" software.

Bryan Eley 
A professional software tester by trade for the last 12 years, Bryan Eley has been a mobile device enthusiast since 2001. Bryan is a member of Mobilitysite.com's Review Team, and is interested in using mobile devices in the enterprise and assisting company employees in maximizing their mobile device productivity.

Andreas Erle 
MS MVP Mobile Devices, webmaster of www.worldofppc.com (one of the biggest German PPC websites) and mobile enthusiast since the first Apple Newton.

Rick Eubanks  
I am an avid user of PDA equipment with over $ 5000 in purchases from Handango, PDASoft,PalmGear,Ultrasoft etc. I have utilized the connectivity and function of these pro products from the inception of Palm to Win mobile6. The products I have owned include Palm (III,XT,Treo 700P). Pocket PC(HP, Compaq,HTC Touch). I utilize SOTI, modem, project, quicken, splashmoney, and a wide variety of encyclopedias and fact related products in my positon as a consultant. I have used Act, Quicken,Ultrasoft,SPB finance etc. In short I am an avid user of the feature and functions of these products.

Joel Evans 
Founder and "Chief Geek" of Geek.com. Also, a consultant specializing in bringing existing brands and products into the Mobile and Wireless space. I have a serious "connectivity addiction" and carry at least three Smartphones at all times.

Meryl Evans 
Content Maven Meryl K. Evans (www.meryl.net) writes for many publications and edits several newsletters related to technology and business. She is the author of Brilliant Outlook 2007 Pocketbook and co-author of Adapting to Web Standards. She has written for PC Today, is a contributor to the DotMobi Mobile Web Developer's Guide, and owns four handheld devices.

Clinton Fitch 
Clinton Fitch is the owner of Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com!, HPC:Factor and one of the Experts on the Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine website blog. He has been writing PocketPC, HandheldPC and Smartphone software & hardware reviews since 1999 and often contributes to Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine. Clinton is a Microsoft MVP in Mobile Devices as well as a member of Mobius.

Reynold Flores 
Currently a Client Engineer/Network Administrator for Sagacent Technologies in San Jose, CA, with degrees in both Computer and Electronic Technologies, 7th year as a Microsoft MVP in Windows - Mobile Devices: (mvp.support.microsoft.com); Editor Emeritus: www.MobileGadgetNews.com; 6th year as Chair of the Mobile Computing SIG of Northern California (formerly the San Francisco Pocket PC Usergroup): www.MobileComputingSIG.com; 5th Year as Co-Host of Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show's Mobile Community Series: www.computeroutlook.com. I enjoy all the activities in the Windows Mobile platform and am always willing to lend a hand along the way!

Iain Franklin 
Active in the software industry since 1984 in evaluation and product management. Started as an early evangelist for Lotus 123 and Windows v3.0. A total of 24 years experience in business software marketing and distribution in Europes' largest Software distributor. Knowledge of Mobile products includes Windows CE, PPC 2002, WM v5 and 6 platforms. Personally a keen early adopter of pda's, have variously owned Psion 5, Palm Tungsten, Blackberry 8310, TyTnII, and currently waiting on a Touch Diamond. Particular expertise in information management, web browsers, security and business applications.

Mauricio Freitas 
Mauricio Freitas is the editor of geekzone.co.nz and has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices since 2004. He works on mobility projects, including planning, deploying and managing mobile devices for enterprise.

Lisa Gade 
Lisa Gade has been Editor and Chief of MobileTechReview.com since 1998. She has written hundreds of in-depth Pocket PC and smartphone reviews as well as reviews of software for PDAs and phones.

J.J. Gilbraith 
J.J. Gilbraith is a Windows Mobile enthusiast and follows the latest WM developments for MobileGadgetNews. J.J. has reviewed numerous Windows Mobile software titles and accessories for MobileGadgetNews. He usually has several Pocket PC Phones and Smartphones active for testing services and software. As a member of MobileGadgetNews, J.J.'s goal is "Making Your Windows Mobile Life Simpler" through instruction and education.

Dan Goh  
PPC Superuser since 2002. PPC Mag Judge for the past 7years.

Douglas Goldring 
Doug is the Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of My Today Screen, and all in one resource for Windows Mobile Users. Additionally, Doug is a Team Member/Reviewer at Gear Diary. In addition to writing extensive software and hardware reviews, Doug also serves as a regular beta tester for many of the most prominent Pocket PC developers.

Hal Goldstein 
CEO of Thaddeus Computing, Publisher of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. In charge of the awards and recruiting judges (although not voting).

Juan David Gomez 
I was Technical Reviewer for the Microsoft Learning official course on Windows Mobile 6 Development, and contributor on other fronts of the Windows Mobile community. I’m Associate Professor at the Telecommunications Engineering Faculty of a Prestigious University and in my spare time I’m Technical Lead at a Software Consulting firm. I have dedicated most of my professional life to the design and development of mobile enterprise solutions or as they are called today “Mobile Line of Business Applications” working both for enterprises and mobile operators.

Dick Grier 
I am a Microsoft MVP (Visual Developer) and a returning judge from 2005. I have extensive experience developing applications for the Pocket PC using Visual Studio 2003 and 2005. I am the author of the book, Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, 4th Edition, which include chapters on Visual Studio 2003/5 and developing using the Compact Framework. I was a judge in 2005 and 2006.

Lance Gross  
Since the age of 13 Lance has been a PC enthusiast. Several years ago I was introduced to mobile computing with the purchase of a Sony Clie’ which uses Palm OS. After a couple of years of frustration with its compatibility and functionality I purchased my first Pocket PC. After falling in love with Pocket PC I started joining and contributing to groups like Aximsite.com and started reading Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. I currently own 3 Dell Axim devices, the device I use the most is an Axim X51V. Enjoying helping other people become more proficient with the use of their device I decided to help our community by being a judge for this year’s “Best Of” awards. I could not live without my Pocket PC anyone who lives on their PC needs a Pocket PC to complement their computing experience. It is also the only way I can make it to my appointments on time, and when I am early at least I have something to do.

Carlo Guerrero 
Microsoft MVP for Mobile Devices, Senior Editor - TheUnwired.Net., Moderator - MoDaCo Smartphone, , Site Owner - PinoyWindowsMobile.Net, Have been using wireless data communication with a Pocket PC since 1999 for fax, internet, email and IM using various connectivity options from wired modems to CSD, GPRS and eventually Wi-Fi. Smartphone and Pocket PC enthusiast.

Al Harrington 
Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine contributor who has been involved with mobile computing for over 13 years - starting with the HP 200LX.

Franz Haslbeck 
(since 2000) 8 yrs. Pocket PC experience starting with first Pocket PC devices - (06/2002) Club Pocket PC Muenchen/Germany (www.pocketpc-muenchen.de) - (01/2003) Pocket PC Business Forum Muenchen (see WMBF) - (10/2003) appointed CLIP (Community Leader / Influencer Program) by Microsoft Germany as very first Pocket PC community leader - (12/2003) start of sister group mobility club Salzburg - (01/2004) Club Pocket PC Europe - (05/2004) Club Pocket PC Award (www.pocketpc-award.org) - (07/2004) WMBF Windows Mobile Business Forum within Open Business Club (www.xing.com/net/wmc) - (05/2005) MoMo Mobile Modays (www.mobile-monday.de) in Munich as Business Networking Event - (mid 2005) Mobile Medicine (www.mobilemedicine.de) both as a non-commercial website and a non-commercial project team (series of projects with Bavarian Red Cross) together with physician Dr. Robert Gerl - (07/2005) start of sister group Club Pocket PC Stuttgart - (e/o 2005) m-ACADEMY (www.m-academy.de, longterm business project) - (05/2007) joining forces with 8 more local German usergroups and web community PPC-Welt as new extended offline/online community jointventure (www.ppc-welt.info/usergroups), Forum moderator on www.PPC-Welt.info/community/index.php, Co-Blogger on www.PPC-Welt.info/blog

David Hettel  
I am a ex-Microsoft MVP for Mobile Devices and have been a user of PocketPCs for several years. My Involvement with GPS goes back to the days of The Garmin 45 and the DeLorme Tripmate

Eric Hicks 
I have been using pocket pc's and related software since the days of the first Ipaqs. I rely on my device and push the limits as much as I can so I'm always in search of new ways to extend the capability of my device and what I can do with it. As a Microsoft Mobile Device MVP I must do all that I can t make sure that I can recommend the correct software and hardware for a person.

Tim Hillebrand 
Contributing editor Pocket PC magazine--Editor and software reviewer for various other publications--writer and lecturer on eBooks and electronic publishing who believes it’s cool to be e-literate--President, Synergetics International.

Steven Hughes 
Steven Hughes is a Microsoft Mobile MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Mobile Devices, that became involved with handheld computers since the early ‘90s including the beta testing and the prototype design of several hardware and software designs. His passion and knowledge of mobile technology and the mobile industry has advised many on its use and has earned the nickname ‘fyiguy’ as result. Steven loves to share information and help people; you may see his contributions on several websites pertaining to mobile technology. Steven is also Chief News and Review Editor for BostonPocketPC.com and writes detailed reviews and articles on various facets of mobile technology for that site and other publications. He co-manages the Boston Pocket PC User Group and is one of the hosts of the Mobility Guys Podcast (http://www.mobilityguys.com). He recently started a new site (techronical.com that chronicles several "Power-users" usage of technology. You can reach Steve at steve [at] techronical [dot] com.

Ian Husk 
My name Ian Husk and I am addicted to mobile technology. My Sprint Mogul and my tablet never leave my side. I have been a contributing editor at www.windowsmobilelouisville.com for a couple of years now, but I have been a power user for over 6 years. I originally come from Cornwall, England, where I specialized in graphic design, but I am currently an IT professional at a private high school here in Louisville KY, and freelance photographer. My job focuses on software deployment for over 600 computers, but I also work extensively with mobile technology--from pocket PC's and smart phones to tablet PC's and laptops.

Krishna Iyer 
Profession: Manage IT strategy and application solution rollouts for telecom,ecommerce and infrastructure projects Have been a power user of the Pocket PC 2003 platform on my IPAQ 4155 for over 4 years. Use many application solutions from finance, project planning, desktop, tv remotes, file managers, media players. Actively read inputs on various forums to discover new appliactions and end user reactions

Alex Januschewsky 
Alex Januschewsky is Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices and the founder of the mobility club Salzburg/Austria - an on- and offline community with over 15000 members. Alex is working with Pocket PCs since 7 years focused on GPS-solutions, business applications, multimedia and hardware. He is also an experienced Smartphone user. Alex is also a member of the Community Leader Influencer Program (CLIP) of Microsoft Germany. He mainly uses GPS solutions, business and multimedia applications but there is always enough sparetime to play a good game on the Pocket PC. "I started using mobile devices many years ago. My first device was an Apple Newton 100. After that I used - shame on me - Palm and Psion devices. I'm very happy now with Pocket PCs and Windows Smartphones. They provide everything I want to have."

Amir Keren 
I am a mobile technology expert from the very early days of the handheld computers. I am doing my best to make PDA usage much more available to the common users in many ways. I used numerous software titles. I localize several very importing application to make things simpler. Today I am working as a Mobile technologies advisor, and I am one of the writers in the Leading Hebrew Windows Mobile website at pocketpcfreak.com.

Jose Luis Kuri Segura 
CEO of SmartPhone Center in Mexico City. Our goal is to make Mexico our campus, to get flexible access to information and interaction needed to improve, through seminars and events for users of mobile smartphones and PDAs with Windows Mobile using our exclusive service "movilS". Nuestro objetivo es hacer de México nuestro campus, para obtener acceso flexible a la información e interacción necesaria para mejorar, a traves de seminarios y eventos moviles para los usuarios de smartphones y PDAs con Windows Mobile usando nuestro servicio exclusivo "movilS".

Jason Langridge 
I am a Mobility specialist within Microsoft and write the Mr Mobile Blog - http://blogs.msdn.com/jasonlan

Allistair Lee 
Allistair Lee, a self-proclaimed gadget-freak, has been a user of Windows Mobile for over 6 years. He became a freelance writer for a over a year before decided to set up his own website dedicated to Windows Mobile reviews, both device and softwares. Over the years, he has written a wide variety of reviews for Windows Mobile devices & softwares. Currently pursuing his studies in Iowa State University, he loves to keep up with the latest trends in Windows Mobile devices and softwares.

Oliver Levett  
Oliver Levett spends time evaluating and using a variety of software. Although relatively new to the WM scene (having got his first device in 2006) he feels experienced enough to come into the judging world! Oliver frequents forums such as XDA-Developers offering advice and bug reports to developers and coders.

Judie Lipsett  
I have been writing PDA software and hardware reviews since 2000, and I've been using both for much longer. I fully understand how to test a software title, and I can easily talk about what makes a particular program useful, intuitive, fun to use...or not.

Scott Logsdon 
I am a freelance writer and served as Contributing Editor for pocketnow.com. I have written software, hardware, and product reviews that required exhaustive testing of Pocket PC products. I was also a member of the news team there. I also have extensive beta testing experience.

Diego Magnani 
Windows Mobile specialist, Editor-in-Chief & owner of Windows Mobile Italy, I have been writing smartphone and Pocket PC hardware and software reviews since 2003. I have been working for 2 years for Italy's main mobile operator. Then I have been serving as Editor-in-Chief of the paper magazine Il Mio Palmare for 4 years and of the web portal PocketPC Italia for 1 year and a half. In 2008 I have become a member of Microsoft's Mobius group, after spending a total of 7 years dealing with mobile computing matters and 11 years as a professional journalist.

Andy Mason 
I have been a PPC user since the launch of the iPaq 36xx series. I am currently a member of the Review Team at Mobilitysite.com.

Don McDougall  
As a business users, the PDA manages my accounts and handles my communications. It is used every day for work. I am hard on the programs, if they don't do what they say they get dumped. My 1st PDA was a ZAURUS 3000, I've used one daily ever since. I upgrade every 18 month, A Zaurus was my 1st, Pocket PC, followed by a Palm Xv, I705 and a sting of Axims'; currently with an X50v. With Keyboard, and accessories.

Linley Meslier 
Linley is the Editor of Pocket PC Mauritius. Moderator on the Windows Mobile Total Access (http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsMobile/default.aspx?SiteID=65) and SP & PPC mag Forums (http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/forums), he enjoys helping out other members of the community. Linley is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Mobile Devices.

Brandon Miniman 
Brandon is the Editor-in-Chief of pocketnow.com, a well respected Windows Mobile review and news resource that has been a part of the community since 2000. He also operates AllShadow.com, the premier community for owners of the T-Mobile Shadow, and soon, the Shadow II.

Geoffrey Moehl 
I have judged for the past six years. I make sure to fully test all programs being judged in the categories I am assigned, and do rate them with careful thought and consideration.

Veselin Nedeff 
Windows Mobile devices and software specialist. Messing with pocket pc and smartphone handhelds for several years. Creator of MobileTopSoft.com, FreewarePocketPC.net and Smartphone-Freeware.com.

Matthew Nichols 
Editor, Pocket PC Central. 6+ Years Experience with Windows Mobile hardware and software.

Raleigh Paenitz  
I'm one of Microsoft’s public representatives of Windows Mobile in multiple Tier 1 events around the world. I've handled over 700 Windows Mobile devices in FY08. My primary job is to ready phones for our events with the latest partner and/or Microsoft developed applications. I deal with Beta, RTM and in process RTM products with the purposes of advancing public awareness and testing to helping partners build a better product.

Eric Pankoke 
PocketPC Developer Reviewer for the following sites: www.RustySabre.com www.MyWorldOfHandhelds.com Beta Tester for both games and development tools

Raj Pillai 
This is my fourth year as Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices and as a Judge. My experience with respect to this arena spans a little over 8 years. You will find me on the Microsoft Public Pocket PC newsgroups.

Vijay Rathour 
Aka Vijay555, I run the website www.vijay555.com, and write and assist in the creation of software that provides hopefully innovative and helpful solutions to a range of esoteric challenges. I’ve been using Smartphones since they first came out, and PPCs before that. I’ve recently started programming for them, because there is almost no aspect of the devices that couldn’t do with some improvement! I’m a perversely active member xda-developers.com and BuzzDev.net.

Mike Riley 
I have been a Windows Mobile enthusiast and occasional developer on the platform since the inception of Windows CE 1.0. I am also an active mobile computing enthusiast and technology journalist covering various topics, including various Microsoft technologies (visit www.mikeriley.com for a sample of my work).

Laura Rooke  
Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices Moderator Windows Mobile Owner's Circle Moderator Windows Mobile Connection Forum

Werner Ruotsalainen 
Microsoft MVP in the Windows - Mobile Devices category. A.k.a. "Menneisyys" on several Pocket PC forums. A long-time transportable computer/PDA user (Sharp PC1500, various Newtons etc, just to name a few pre-WinCE devices). Has been using WindowsCE PDA's since 1997. Has been a freelancer tech writer for 15 years. M.Sc. in EE/CS. Loves collecting old computers and anything related to technology. Nominations Manager.

Firas Salim 
I am a practicing pediatrician with great interest in pediatric Windows Mobile applications and in clinical and bedside useful PPC programs in general. I have experience with 100s of medical WM apps. I maintain a website for pediatricians to review and discuss available programs that are useful in clinical pediatrics. Visit (www.pda4peds.com) for more information.

Steve Sande 
This is my sixth year as a judge for the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards. I've run PDA websites since '94, have been a Mobius attendee three times and love to keep up with the new trends in PDA hardware and software.

Stephan Schmidt 
Stephan is a Windows Mobile Devices MVP and working in the windows mobile area for many years. In 2002 he founded www.smartphone2002.info (now www.smartphone-web.com) - the biggest German Newspage for Windows Mobile Smartphones. In 2003 Stephan did the first list of nominees for the category "Smartphone" and led a team of Windows Mobile Smartphone experts determining finalists and winners. He is also a contributing author for Pocket PC Mag. Stephan is a partner at a germany law firm.

Markus Schweiger 
Already been judge in the years 2002 to 2007, former Microsoft MVP for Mobile Devices and owner of www.pocket-expert.de, founder and leader of German Usergroup Rhein/Main, author of "Das grosse Buch Pocket PC 2004" (together with Andreas Erle)

Andreas Sjostrom 
Mobile Systems Architect and Windows Mobile expert since 1999. Columnist for IT-magazine Computer Sweden. Written for PocketPC.com, MSDN.com, PocketPCThoughts.com, and SmartphoneThoughts.com. Co-author of the book "Pocket PC Development in the Enterprise".

Michael Sommer 
I'm the Gadget Guy appearing on several radio and television stations as well as being often quoted in print on what's new and what's hot.

Matt Stein 
I am the Operations Manager for the Direct to Consumer business for Motricity. I've worked in the mobile software space for 8 years.

Jerry Stevens  
Using Pocket PC's from the beginning, first unit Casio Cassiopeia A-10 bought at the introduction at Comdex 1997. Since then constantly upgrading and trying many, many applications.

Julie Strietelmeier 
I have been using and reviewing Windows Mobile hardware and software since the stone age. Remember Windows CE, PalmPC, HPC? Yeah, I have been doing this for a LONG time folks :o)

Myron Swartz  
User of pda's for over 10 years & GPS for 8 Retired real estate developer, Degree in Business Admin & Finance.Worked as an auditor for an accounting firm for 1 yr. after graduating. Bought first hard drive computer in 1971. Had to sysyem engineer and write all software for 2 of my companies. A hardware wholesaler with 6500 items to control and a real estate development company with over 4 million sq. ft. All programs written in assenbler, rpg, cobol and god forbid, machine lanuage. Only 9k memory to fit code.

Jesse Teindl  
CIS, 2 years experience in Technical support of PC's and Windows Mobile devices

Russ Terrell 
I'm currently Senior Editor and Software Liaison for www.Mozongoware.com. I've written software and hardware reviews for the site since July of 2004. I have owned and used 3 Pocket PCs since 2003.

Remzi Semsettin Turer 
I have been using PDAs from early days of Palm 5000 :), I have used many Windows Mobile devices and Smartphones, my latest one being a HTC Touch Cruise. I have used many different applications on these devices, as a part of my job and my hobby (I work in Research and Development department and I test our applications like mail2web.com on different devices plus I am responsible from our enterprise integration of Smartphone devices, including Exchange Server implementation). I am also one of founding members of Ontario Pocket PC Users group and I run the website onppc.com. I also contribute to many other Pocket PC related sites from moderation of forums to hardware, software and accessory reviews.

Paul Turner  
Experienced computer user since the '80s; Cell phone user since mid 80s; user of various pocket pcs for over 5 years; user of various GPS units for over a year;

Johan van Mierlo 
Since the beginning of Pocket PC world I have been involved in writing and reviewing hardware and software for BostonPocketPC.com and Pocketinfo.nl. Currently I write for BostonPocketPC.com and MobilityMinded.com. I also have the Microsoft MVP status for Windows Mobile Devices.

Joshua Villines  
Joshua Villines has worked as a freelance technology journalist for over 10 years, and is a frequent contributor to Game Revolution. He specializes in finding innovative ways for mainstream users to simplify their lives with technology. Joshua is currently on an extended leave-of-absence while pursing a Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University

Lauren Weigand 
Lauren is the Reviews Editor for Just Another Mobile Monday, a mobile technology blog with a fresh, practical outlook. A scientist and writer by training, she has been writing thorough, fair, useful (and entertaining) Windows Mobile reviews for over a year.

Jon Westfall 
Jon Westfall is a Microsoft MVP and Contributing Editor for Pocket PC Thoughts. He owns a small consulting business and is currently completing his PhD in Cognitive Psychology, working on research into human decision making and teaching various psychology courses.

Darius Wey 
Darius Wey is the News Editor at Thoughts Media Inc., a network of online communities (Pocket PC Thoughts, Smartphone Thoughts, Digital Home Thoughts, and Zune Thoughts) focused on Windows Mobile-based and Zune-based hardware and software, and a wide variety of other technologies. He is also a Microsoft MVP (Windows Mobile), and an executive of the Western Australian Mobility User Group. In addition to supporting users with mobile devices and other consumer electronic devices, both online and offline, Darius contributes to a number of software and content development projects in the mobile space.

Amy Zunk 
Chief Editor- Iampowered magazine (1 year) Managing Editor-Pocket Anywhere/GadgetMe magazine (1 year) Associate Editor- Pocket Anywhere magazine (6 months) Writer-Pocket Anywhere magazine (3 years) Sr Writer/contributor- Geek.com (4 years) Writer- PDABuzz.com (with Wes Salmon)- 2 years Writer- Smaller.com (site no longer valid) - 1 year Freelance writer- 10 years

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