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Winners, Finalists and Nominees
These nominations for touchscreen (Pocket PC with and without phone) and non-touchscreen (Smartphone) devices were determined by The Board of Experts, led by Nominations Manager, Werner Ruotsalainen.

Pocket PC Apps -- touchscreen devices

Pocket PC Games -- touchscreen devices

Smartphone software-- non-touchscreen devices

Make the most of your Windows Mobile PDA or Smartphone

Our Knowledge Bundle contains all the information you need to get the most from your Windows Mobile device including a CD amd demos and full free versions of much of this award winning software. The bundle includes 6 2008 issues of Smartphone & Pocket PC including the Pocket PC and Smartphone How-to Guide, our Ultimate Resource Guide, plus the premier issue of iPhone Life

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2009 Awards
Keep checking awards home page for the latest information. We are looking for sponsors for the 2009 Awards. If interested in having your company name associated with the entire awards process hal [at] thaddeus [dot] com (subject: Sponsoring%202009%20Best%20Software%20Awards) (contact Hal Goldstein).