Best Free Phone Resources

Live Search 411 - dial 800-225-5411 (800 CALL-411) and say the city and state, then ask for the business or business category. Say “Connect me,” to instantly connect to the business. Ask for a text message with a link to a map of the business.

1-800-Free411 - dial 800-373-3411 (800-FREE411), listen to a 10-second ad, and then ask for the listing you want following the voice prompts. Get the info via phone or via text message. Also offers Dial Directions (see below).

Dial Directions - dial 347-328-4667 (DIR-ECT-IONS) and ask for directions to any address, store, or event. Dial Directions asks you for your start and destination, and instantly texts back turn-by-turn directions.

Mosio lets you send any question via SMS, and real people respond with an answer.

Google 411 - Dial 800-466-4411 (800-GOOG-411), say the location and type of business, and Google 411 will connect you. Say "text message" or "map it," and you'll receive a text message with more details and a map.

TellMe - dial 800-555-8355 (800-555-TELL) for news, weather, sports, stock quotes, business listings, driving directions, movie times, horoscope, and more.

Google SMS - text a query to 466453 (GOOGLE), and get a text response: news, weather, sports, glossary, movies, stocks, Zip Codes, directions, maps, flights, area codes, product, airline, translation, calculator, airports, currency conversion, and more.

Voice Mail/Messaging on Steroids

YouMail is a full-featured voicemail system that replaces your carrier's voicemail system and allows you to individualize outgoing greetings for every person who calls your cell number. You can manage all of your voicemail activities from the YouMail website, record greetings, listen to voicemail, and e-mail blast voice-mail messages to friends. You can choose between standard voicemail notification or text or e-mail notification that provides you with a running log of your incoming voicemail callers and their return numbers.

Pinger lets you call a number, record a message, and then have that message forwarded to a group of recipients.

Bluepulse offers group messaging, a universal inbox and outbox, and more.

Bitbom and PingMe let you schedule free text message reminders to your phone. You can schedule online or via your mobile phone.

Twitter, which lets you send text messages to groups and to the whole world as well as track your friends' "twitters," has a mobile version at

CAllWave is a voice mail and voice-to-text service that replaces your carrier's voicemail system. Phone messages are translated into text and forwarded to your e-mail or as a text message on your cell phone. The paid version includes call live call screening.

Jott lets you call a toll-free number, record a message, have it automatically converted to e-mail or text message, and then direct it to be sent to yourself, a specific contact, or a group.

Foonz lets you place group calls and send messages to multiple people.

TeleFlip lets you auto-forward your emails to your cellphone as text messages. A video demo is available.

TelePixie lets you schedule and receive wake up phone calls, reminders, weather forecast calls, jokes, and more. lets you receive RSS feeds as text messages.

Many Phones, One Number
GrandCentral lets you consolidate all your phones to a single number and choose which phone rings and when. The service includes centralized voicemail that can be checked from the website or through a phone, as well as call screening and name-based caller ID, blocking of numbers (including automatic blocking of telemarketer numbers in their database), call recording, the ability to switch lines during a call, and individualized voicemail greetings based on the caller.  
Ring Tones guide to ringtones lists web sites that have free ring tones for specific types of phones. along with tips for getting them onto your phone.

AT&T labs has a page where you type in text, and then it automatically converts that text to speech and gives you a file you can put on your phone to use as a ring tone - which might be useful if you want to create a custom ringtone with the caller's name. You can tweak the pronunciation, insert pauses, etc. offers free ring tones made from open media sources. You can access the site directly via your phone.

PhoneZoo lets youconvert your MP3s to custom-length ringtones and forward them to your phone. Plus they offer thousands of free ringtones from other users.


Mobile Blogging/Web Sites

How to create a mobile blog, an article on Microsofts by Suzanne Ross, is a good introductory article on mobile blogging.

Wirenode offers a service for creating a mobile blog.

Wapamama lets you create and classify your own mobile site.

MobiType is a blog service you can use to read and post to blogs.

Zinadoo offers mobile site creation and hosting, as well as a design gallery, site interaction features such as click to dial, and more customization options.

DoMo HomePage, currently available as a free beta, lets you create a customized personal mobile portal that can include specific web sites (such as MySpace), documents on your desktop computer, your Outlook data, and much more. lets you create a customized mobile directory, including colors, text, logos, and categories and subcategories.

Social Networking

Mocospace claims to be “the largest off-deck mobile social community.” You can meet people, chat in public or private forums, set up your own private forum, share and download wallpapers, photos, and videos from your device, and more.

Socialight is a social network focused on eating, clubs, things to do, and hotspots. You can paste a sticky note on something you like and, and others can see and search your notes.

Saki is a social networking site for mobile devices. The site describes itself as “a new way to share and access exclusive content such as photos, videos, music, movies, news, weather, sports, E-mail, IM and more.” is a mobile social networking site offering private messaging, browsing userprofiles, up-and downloading of user generated content, and updating and enhancing one’s private mobile web space.

Social Bookmarking

popSPHERE is a social bookmarking site that lets you add your own mobile sites, share them with the popSPHERE community, comment on any website that has been added, view listed sites by order of popularity (hence the "pop" in popSPHERE), and add any popSPHERE site to your miniSPHERE Homepage.

PhoneFavs is a social bookmarking system designed and optimized for mobile phone users. The service enables you to keep an always-available list of bookmarks for web sites that can be easily viewed on a mobile browser. You can store, organize, and share bookmarks and access them on any device. The site has three main services: online bookmarks or Favs, a handpicked mobile link directory, and a "mobilizer," which automatically adapts standard web pages for improved viewing on smaller screen devices. lets you access your bookmarks on, the most popular social bookmarking service. By default they only show bookmarks which are tagged with mtag, but you can show every bookmark. And when you click on a bookmarked page, it’s served up via Google Mobile Search to give you mobile versions of desktop pages.

Mobitopia is like but only contains links to sites that are tailored to mobile devices. You can share your links with others or keep them private. And you can use tags to organize them. lets you easily organize and manage your mobile bookmarks from your desktop computer and share them if you choose. Other features include the ability to display selected links from your account on your mobile phone.

Push E-mail

Emoze not only offers push e-mail but also many of the advantages of Microsoft Exchange Server. To use the service, you need to have an e-mail account and a compatible device and download the software for both your computer and your device. Emoze combines push e-mail with instant Calendar and Contacts synchronization. You're able to receive your Outlook e-mail and PIM data anywhere, anytime.

Consilient Push lets you access up to five Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, POP3, or IMAP4 accounts. It runs over any GSM/GPRS network (such as T-Mobile and Cingular) in the U.S. and some CDMA networks (such as Sprint and Verizon in the U.S. and Aliant and Telus in Canada).