Ecoxgear Headlight and USB Charger


If you are a bike rider, listen up. If you know a bike rider, listen up. If you are thinking about becoming a bike rider, listen up.

This comes under the category of, "It's about time." I'm sure we've all said to ourselves, why didn't I think of that, it's so obvious. Well, here's one of those for you.

What I'm talking about is a bicycle head lamp that lights up the sky and your pathway with a generator and current created by the turning of the front wheel, which is energy just going to waste. Why not harness it?

But, that's not all. it also has two led lights that shine in the rear of the unit so that traffic behind you can see you at night. But, that's not all. Between the two red LED lights are two 3.5 mm jack inputs. One is for a remote switch that mounts on the handlebars. The other is for a USB charger.

They don't leave you wondering how you are going to mount the unit you want to charge. In the box you get an attractive see-through zipper case in which you can place your phone, MP3, or GPS. It has an easyily detachable mount to the handlebars so you can remove it for security reasons.

The USB charger can be connected to an MP3 player, a phone, or a GPS unit. This is simply a must-have for bike riders who are interested in safety at night and running devices while riding.

How many times have I wished I could leave my GPS or phone running while riding my bike for music, guidance, and communication. But I don't dare because it will quickly run down the battery and leave me juiceless and stranded who knows where.

One time I threw caution to the winds and got a handlebar mount for my phone, which I also used for GPS. Everything went well until I hit the first bump, and the phone went flying to phone heaven. That won't happen with the secure mount and case supplied by Exoxgear.

With the Ecoxgear charger, I can now get all the guidance, music, and communication I want day or night while riding my bike. You can turn off the headlamp in the daytime with the remote switch but still use the generator. This unit is the perfect solution for a universal problem. Kudos to Ecoxgear!

It's easy to install too. All you do is place it on the spindle of the front wheel. Then you have some wires to run and handlebar mounts that hook up in a jiffy. It comes with everything you need. I doubt if it would take anyone more than 15 minutes for the whole job.

This device makes a perfect gift to yourself or to others. To view it or acquire one, go here:

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