Gomadic: SunVolt


Portable solar charger simultaneously powers multiple electronic devices with the speed of a traditional wall-charger

I used to fantasize about building a cabin in the woods and becomin completely self-sufficient. But then I discovered a world of digita gadgets and I become too addicted to electricity. But now, with Gomadic's SunVolt I can maybe reconsider my old dream and become a hermit in the woods for real.

Here are the main features of the marvelous device:

• Utilizing sunlight, SunVolt is an ideal solution in a variety of circumstances including: power outages, camping, pool-side, picnicking etc.
• Intelligently designed to double as a light-weight water-resistant carrying case, users can enjoy the convenience of a zipper pouch, and inside pockets when on-the-go
• Custom design, easy “prop” system delivers a seamless means of setting up when outdoors
• Multiple charging outputs are accessible to charge more than one device at a time
• SunVolt MAX model also available; boasts a larger and more powerful solar panel, providing 50% more charge to power up 3 devices at once
• For a full demonstration click HERE
Available at: GoMadic.com
Price: $99.95 (SunVolt – 10 Watts) $129.95 (SunVolt MAX – 15 Watts)
Website: www.gomadic.com

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