Hot Toddy: Introducing the Wedge

Here's one you're just going to love. When it arrived via Fedex, it was the only thing in the box. It took me a moment to figure out exactly what it was and how it worked. But when I did decode it, I loved it and appreciated its functionality and simplicity. I wondered why no one had ever thought of it before.

The label on it says "Toddy". I always thought a toddy was a hot alcoholic beverage, not this toddy, but it's definitely hot.

Basically what we're talking about is a colorful cloth wedge that measures four by five inches with a height of about 3 1/4 inches. To view it, go to

What I like to do when friends come over is to toss it to them and ask them to guess what it is. The most common answer is bean bag. Some people have ventured that it could be a weird hacky sack. Once in a while a person will hit it on the head and say that it is an electronic device stand, and they would be correct.

What an ingenious invention. just throw it down on your coffee table, desk, or TV tray, and you have an instant holder for your MP3 player, iPod, iPad, tablet computer, eBook reader or phone. It works with just about any device; it's so handy.

While they come in a myriad of colors, the bottom is gray nylon for traction. There is a rubber ridge sewn in the front of the flat side to secure your device and keep it from sliding. The device then lays back against the inclined plane of the wedge giving a tilt of about 30 degrees.

It's so simple, there's no use carrying on about it. I now consider the Wedge to be a must-have in my arsenal of gadgets, and I think you would be very pleased to have one too.

That can happen if you go here: Guess what. Good news, they're having a two for one special, so for fifteen bucks you two of them, one for you, and one for a friend.

By the way, I was first introduced to Toddy products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where very attraction young women were passing out lens and screen cleaning rags, which were two sided, colorful on one side and microfiber on the other. Use the microfiber side for cleaning and the silk side for polishing.

They're called Smart Cloths, and they are simply the best cleaning cloth I've ever had.

If you are a patriot, they also come masquerading as national flags and cost $9.99. But, if you buy two Wedges, you get a Smart Cloth free!

Talk about cool stocking stuffers. Why not stock up now for Xmas, which is just around the corner.

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