Korg PitchClip


Every string instrument needs tuning, which can be a pesky task. But with the Korg chromatic PitchClip, tuning has never been more simple and efficient.

The PitchClip is a small electronic device powered by a coin type battery that clips onto your instrument. While most people buy them for tuning guitars and base guitars it works on both electric and acoustic instruments. In fact, it will work on any string instrument. The battery lasts about 17 hours.

Just clip in on your instrument wherever it is convenient and where you have a clear view of it. Turn on the display, select the note you want, and it will find the sweet spot for you and let you know when you have arrived.

The LED display panel is clear, bright and easy to read. It is highly accurate and ultra-responsive with a wide detection range. You can even reverse the display for your convenience. It is just a itty bitty thing measuring two inches by one inch and weighs practically nothing.

PitchClip is available in a variety of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, and black. They cost $19.95 each and are available almost any place that deals with music such as eBay and Amazon.

Here’s a link to a video to show the PitchClip in action.

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