Minu Universal Stand for Digital Devices


Now here's a great idea that you won't want to be without. Forget the big old clunky stands for your digital devices. This diminutive little holder will surprise you with its versatility.

First of all it worked on every device a tried with it, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, tablet, Motorola Atrix, and Kindle Fire. It measures only one inch by two inches and is about 3/8 inch high.

It has an adhesive backing that you can use to stick the holder to almost any surface or to the back of your digital device. Fortunately, the stickum is renewable. All you have to do is clean it with plain water, dry it off, and it's good as new.

It will hold your device in an upright position or at a comfortable slant. The developers suggest 12 different configurations from which you can use the Mini Stand.

But you can get quite creative. For instance, I have one on top of my microwave in the kitchen. I put one of my devices in it to view recipes or watch a TV show while cooking.

The adhesive back allows for even more applications. You can stick one on the back of your phone and hang your phone on the screen of your laptop or on the side of a glass, coffee mug, paper tray, or pencil holder.

You can adhere one Minu Stand to a flat vertical surface such as a wall, refrigerator, window or cupboard. With another stand stuck on the back of a digital device you can hang it on the stand fixed to the flat surface.
If you get frustrated with tangled cables, use the Minu Stand to retain two cables in place. Or, if you want to keep your earbuds from getting tangled, wrap them around a Minu Stand and put them in your bag or pocket.
While the product is primarily promoted for IOS devices, it is pretty much universal and can accommodate many different units.

You may already know that one of my favorite Websites is Kickstarter.com. This is an institution designed to create funding for exciting new projects. Minu Stand happens to be a featured Kickstarter project.

Go to Kickstarter.com/projects/tabuproducts/universal-mini-stand-your-unusual-iphone-stand?ref=live. There you will be able to view several videos about uses for the stand and see what the little gadget looks like.

On Kickstarter, Tabu Products, the developer of Minu Stand, is attempting to raise $5000 to bring this product to market. Luckily, they have already raised $7,931 from 386 backers. The funding period still has 8 days to go, and you may still contribute to this project.

There are several different levels of contribution. With a pledge of $5 you will receive one Muni Stand when in production and ready for distribution. There are many different levels of pledging available, all with connected rewards. For $550 you get a distribution pack consisting of 200 stands.

If ever there were a product deserving to get into production the Minu Stand qualifies at the top. Go to www.kck.st/RvE4Lf. Make your pledge now while there is still time and reserve as many Minu stands as you like. If you are reading this after the contribution deadline, you can still visit Kickstarter to find out how to acquire Minu stands. Distribution is expected to begin October 20, 2012.

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