New Griffin Cases for Galaxy S4


Griffin is a never ending flow of new cases. This time it’s for the Galaxy S4 with the Reveal Case, a rugged Survivor case, and Midtown Wallet. Well take a look at each one.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t carried a wallet in many years. I found I had too much stuff I needed to carry around related to my digital enthusiasm, so I stuff it all in a bag and sling it over my shoulder. But maybe the Griffin Midtown Wallet will signal some kind of wallet resurgence.

The Midtown Wallet is a sophisticated, leather carrying case the folds out with pockets for cards and cash. The exterior is smooth molded leather and the inside is tan leather. The smooth inner lining will protect your device from scrapes and scratches. It seems reasonably priced at $44.99, Check them out here.

The Reveal case is a colored, ultra-think had shell case with a twist. The twist is that the back is clear and see through so that the natural color of your pride and joy can peak through. I’ve always thought is a shame to cover up the color of your phone is you have a nice red or blue tone that you’re proud of. This case allows the natural beauty of your phone to shine through in its full glory.

The suggested retail price is $24.99 and it comes in blue, purple and black. However, you can get one here for just $14.46.

Now comes the robust Survivor, a super rugged case to protect your treasure in extreme conditions. The Survivor is designed to meet or exceed U.S. Military standards to shield against wind, rain, dust, sand, dropping, and vibration.

The outside cover has sealable ports to keep out unwanted crud. There is a polycarbonate shell that fits into the outside cover. You then insert your device and finally a protective shield for the screen. The camera cover rotates out of the way during use. This thing is just plain over-engineered. This brute even comes with a secure built-in belt clip, and a kickstand, which is way cool.

The suggested retail price is $49.99. However, you can acquire one here for just $29.99

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