New Musubo Smartphone Cases


Musubo is an innovative case design company with a plethora of offerings. Three new cases appeared on my desk this morning to review for the Samsung Galaxy S3, but they are also available for the iPhone 5.

These rugged cases came in three flavors: Retro in black, Mummy in white, and Rubberband in pink.

They feature a durable soft touch TPU case and a cozy, precision fit with all the appropriate orifices for access to buttons, ports, and controls.

What I especially appreciated was the foldable stand the comes with them. I wish all cases came with a stand. While we're at it, I wish they also came with a stylus and a silo to put them in like to good old days. That would be my idea of a perfect case.

The pink Rubberband case has a loop on one side to attach a lanyard, but the other cases lack this feature, which is fine with me.

If you research these cases online, they vary in price from $19 to $35. Go here to check it out:

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