NEW: Penclic Mouse

If you are looking for something new and innovative in a mouse, you may wish to check out the Penclick. You hold it like a tradition pen so that it feels natural in your hand, and there’s virtually no learning curve.

It is set up more for a right handed person, but it is certainly usable for left handers. The only difficulty is that the scroll button is on the right side instead of the left, which is a minor inconvenience. The real difficult thing for me was that it was so sensitive that it was difficult to navigate and to keep it in one spot lot enough to click on anything. The cursor was just all over the place, and it drove me crazy. However, I soon discovered that the trick is to hold the palm of your hand stationary and then the sensitivity turns into an advantage. Very little movement is required to navigate and it easy to hold the pointer steady for clicking.

As for clicking, there are several buttons available. For you index finger, there are buttons on the front of the pen for left and right clicks. There are two more buttons on the side for forwards and backwards clicks. The whole panel into which the left and right buttons are embedded acts as a middle click button for special functions. On the bottom is a power switch and a button for creating Bluetooth connections.

With respect to Bluetooth, I had no difficulty connecting with quick recognition and no problems. No connection code is given, but 0000 did the trick.

The unit comes with a simple instruction manual in various languages, a bag for storing and transporting the mouse, a rechargeable AAA battery, and a nice retractable micro USB cable for charging. The packaging is attractive in a plastic cylinder with a twist off bottom that holds the accessories.

Once I got used to the new experience of the Penclic mouse I found I actually enjoyed using it even though it was frustrating at first.

The suggested retail price is $89.95, but you can get one here for $81.16. In either case this is a pricey pointer, but if it saves you from getting carpal tunnel, I suppose it is a small price to pay.

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