The Toughest Case on the Planet


If you feel you need to protect your iPad, here's the perfect solution. How many iPads could survive being dropped from over 100,000 feet and still function perfectly? That what happened with an iPad in an Extreme Sleeve 2. Check it out:

The Extreme Sleeve 2 by G-Form is a special sleeve case with a zipper top make of a tough material called Poron XRD. It is soft normally, but stiffens upon impact and absorbs 94% of the shock.

By the way, the case is not just for iPads. It will accommodate any 10 inch tablet PC. It comes in black and yellow. There are variations for laptops and smartphones and sleeves and portfolios for 7 inch devices such as the Kindle Fire.

Prices range from $39 for the Smartphone size to $69 for iPad size to $99 for 17 inch laptops. Here's one for iPads for $65:

This is one tough case that I would highly recommend if you think your tablet will be receiving any excessive abuse.

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