Final Issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine


 After 11 years, we will be publishing a final 2008 issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine and then suspend publication! We are working hard to make it the best Windows Mobile issue ever, a keeper, a reference guide. In 2009 we will publish Smartphone magazine’s iPhone Life. Below, I’ve attempted to answer questions that have been asked of me: 

Why are you “suspending” Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine at a time when Windows Mobile has never been stronger?

It is with great regret I make this announcement. We are a very small, self-funded magazine publishing company. We did not make this decision lightly, especially after 11 years of issues.

It has become harder to grow our circulation over the past three years since Windows Mobile changed from being PDAs to being phones.  Pocket PC manufacturers like HP used to work with us to offer their customers a free issue of our magazine in their packaging. The phone companies have not shown similar interest in working with us.

The other business challenge has been the lack of advertising sponsorship from Microsoft, phone companies, and OEMs, despite our coverage of their products. In order for us to sell subscriptions at current low consumer magazine-type prices, we must have a stronger and growing circulation, and we must attract the large advertisers who benefit the most from our existence.

Of course, the irony is that almost 20 million Windows Mobile units were sold this past Microsoft fiscal year. We think there is a great opportunity to continue the magazine in this high growth smartphone market  for a more sophisticated publishing company or a funded entrepreneur.

What does “suspending” mean?

Suspension means that we have no plans to publish future Windows Mobile issues. However, we have left the door open, particularly if a sponsor or buyer steps forward. Our focus in 2009 will be the four scheduled iPhone Life issues, which we will publish under the umbrella title of Smartphone Magazine. That means you will be able to purchase iPhone Life at newsstand in the same places you found Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. The Smartphone Magazine title and distribution and our 4 iPhone issue 2009 schedule leaves us space to produce more Windows Mobile issues, a Google Android issue, a RIM Blackberry edition, or a generic Smartphone issue depending on where the opportunities lie.

 What will be in the last Windows Mobile issue, and how can I get it?

We are working to make it a super reference guide, the best Windows Mobile issue we've ever done. It will include winners of the 2008 Best Software Awards, reviews of the hottest new Windows Mobile Smartphones, a special Entertainment section, the latest in GPS software, a mini How-to Guide with new tips and how-to’s, a guide to the best Internet resources, best accessories, best free stuff,  our device comparison chart, plus other surprises. All current subscribers will receive this issue. It will be on newsstands in November. The Knowledge Bundle which will be sold well into 2009 also includes the issue. So, the issue will be exceptionally well distributed.

What are you doing about subscribers?

We appreciate subscriber support, and would not have been able to last as long as we have without you. We also appreciate subscriber understanding of our situation.  This week we are mailing the premier issue of iPhone Life to all subscribers, which an explanatory note. In early November we mail the final Smartphone & Pocket PC issue. For those subscribers still with issues due them, we will fulfill those subscribers with Smartphone Magazine’s iPhone Life. Naturally, if we do publish Windows Mobile or other platform issues as Smartphone Magazine, we will send those issues.

For new subscribers that prefer, we will send our new Knowledge Bundle. Alternatively, we can put together a special renewal bundle, which includes all the 2000-2007 issues in MS Reader format. marge [at] thaddeus [dot] com (Contact Marge) and if you are a new subscriber, she will send you a knowledge bundle , or work out something that works for you.

What is the “Knowledge Bundle?”

This bundle is designed for Windows Mobile users who haven’t been receiving our magazine. It includes the final Resource Guide issue, How-to Guide, 20 Special downloadable Reports, 15% off Handango software through December 31, 2008, at least 3 2008 back issues, our How-to Guide, and the premier iPhone Life. It is $19.95 plus shipping.

 How can I buy “iPhone life?”

You can purchase a subscription at a special $25 price for all issues through 2010 – at minimum four each year plus premier issue while supplies last. iPhone Life subscriptions include a web-based Zinio digital subscription, which can be read on a desktop or iPhone. You can check out Table of Contents and purchase it.

What about the future of this Web site?

We feel proud about our great content here, and there is no reason not to continue to support and grow it. We have these great blogs and our support forum. We also have 11 years of magazine archives, a huge tip and how-to library, our 5000 product Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories, Best Software Awards winners, Device Comparison chart, and free weekly newsletters.

What about Best Software Awards?

We are towards the end of judging the 2008 awards. We have not decided whether to have awards in 2009. In part it will depend on whether Microsoft or some other company wants to sponsor it. We hope to have awards for the iPhone.

Where can I voice my opinion?

Please feel free to comment here. I appreciate your feedback about the decision and the magazine, good or bad. If you wish to contact me privately, you are welcome to do so at hal [at] thaddeus [dot] com.

Hello, Hal and the entire

Hello, Hal and the entire Staff,

I'm very sorry to hear this. Your magazine is my favorite and has been so helpful in so many ways.

I hope some advertisers will come your way because the smartphone and pocket pc community is going to continue to grow.

Thank you for keeping the website going. It's a vast knowledge base for newbies and experienced users alike.

I look forward to receiving the last editions that come out.

Good luck to all of you!


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Thanks, Steph. So, many of

Thanks, Steph. So, many of you have responded to me privately, mostly with very supportive.

Your public comments here will also be appreciated, and will allow me to comment back publicly to answer questions, concerns, etc.

  Hal, You're very welcome.



You're very welcome. I wrote here so you wouldn't be deluged with email in your private account.

The magazine will be terribly missed. I keep a few issues in my car!

Keep on doing the great job you're doing with this forum.

For many other content businesses, a website is all they had to begin with.  When I found  your print edition a couple of years ago at Staples Office supply, I was surprised and delighted and immediately subscribed.

Please send out a press release or a big announcement in the forums if and when you resume the print edition some day, any day, any year!

It's been a pleasure!






Aaarghhh!!!!   What a

Aaarghhh!!!!   What a morning shock!!!!!

It is indeed terrible news and saddening as well to note the turn of events..  The magazine has been a beacon of many things that Pocket PC based devices are made of.. I personally commend the content that has been going in all these issues.

The PocketPC OS is a great platform and I am sure it provides a good value for money while balancing features to usability. It may not be that chique as the Iphone but does many jobs better.

While I am certain that this suspension is brought about business numbers and the dearth of active advertising, I am sure other business model proponents may step in to help you breathe a fresh lease of life into it...

To conclude, I hope the Lord gives you and our team to deal with these situations. Knowing what feelings that lay-offs can bring, I am sure many of you, may be feeling the pangs of abandoning a child that was nurtured caringly for over 11 years... Its tough.. But like all things this too shall pass..

All the very best in all your endeavours

cheers and have a wonderful fun filled day

Krishna Iyer


Dear Hal and everyone in

Dear Hal and everyone in Thaddeus,

It is quite sad to read these lines. I hope something comes up in the last minute to save the magazine.

I knew this day would come. After, HP discontinued the 200LX, the world has changed for the palmtop community. Hundreds of products came from different manufacturers but none of them became the next generation palmtop PC. I think, this had an impact on the publications too. I could never find the taste of the HP Palmtop Paper in any other publication. However, Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine was the next best thing in the market! So, I never missed an issue to follow what is going on, although I was a 200LX user.

Handhelds, palms, WindowsCE devices, smartphones and all other devices lack one common thing. Functionality! Most of them were nice products but they were dedicated for a single purpose. HP200LX, on the other hand, made possible to do almost anything on the device. You could use it for database, notes, spreadsheets, text, fax, email, games, phonebook, appointment book, calculator, software development, finance management and a lot more... All with a pair of AA size batteries that can last for days. We have waited and waited for a next generation 200LX. It did not happen. So, all other products appeared as limited life products. Yes, they had color screens, multimedia and communication capabilities but they lack the functionality of the palmtops. So the users need not to learn much about the products. I guess this had a negative influence on the need for a magazine.

Well none of these lines will change the world. Years ago when the HP Palmtop Paper was discontinued, I felt similar. Anyway, I will keep supporting you in anyway I can. Please keep publishing...


Krishna, I agree! If any of

Krishna, I agree!

If any of you have access to advertisers or other interested parties, please let them know about this sad turn of events. We need our magazine!

This publisher has worked so hard to keep people up to date in the mobile world and help us through all our individual and varied problems and situations, it's just too hard to let go.




Ozisik, Amazingly, we still


Amazingly, we still have a business supporting HP 200LX users, almost 10 years after the last device was manufactured. I mention the 200LX in my publisher's message at the end of the premier issue of iPhone Life. I didn't say it, but I feel that the passion of the iPhone reminds me most of the 90's when we published The HP Palmtop Paper - which up until now I consider the golden years of writing enthusiast mobile computing publication. There are many similarities -- one product, one manufacturer, a lot of unique attributes in the machine that inspires enthusiasm.

I say this in no way to denograde Windows Mobile or Windows Mobile users. Windows Mobile devices are the most capable and powerful mobile devices on the planet. They are the device of choice in big business as well as for savvy users. It is just that for whatever reason, Smartphone & Pocket PC (and its previous incarnations as Pocket PC magazine and Handheld PC Magazine) have always been a struggle for our business. (Pocket PC was the strongest. )  

Hi Hal the the staff at PPC

Hi Hal the the staff at PPC mag.

I'm in Canada and travel so haven't had a subscription but always watch the  news stands for your new magazine.  Just went into your site to subscribe to an online issue.  I'm sorry you will be missing from the news stands.  You have been a huge resource for learning to use my PDA 2003 and on to Mobile 5 and 6.  Thanks for your efforts and we'd be delighted to see you on the news stands again.


I will miss your magazine. 

I will miss your magazine.  I was introduced to publications from Thaddeus back in 1996 when I purchased a HP Omnigo.  Every two months I've looked forward to receiving my copy, every one of which is somewhere in my garage since I never had the heart to throw them out.  Your articles gave me insight into new products, which I relied on your comments to explore then purchase them.


I hope you will always have a place for Windows devices from time to time in your new magazine, which I will probably suscribe to, even though I have yet to consider purchasing an iPhone.


Thanks for the memories.


Hilario Wilson

I am substantially less than

I am substantially less than happy with this bad news.  I have no interest in the iPhone.  Why do you need to drop the PPC news entirely?  Why not be all inclusive?  If the iPhone advertising pays more of the bills, OK, but the PPC's must be paying at least some of the bills.  My guess is that you have been paid to host an exclusive iPhone magazine.  As a subscriber for less the a year (of the two years subscription for which I have paid), I hope that you will at least include the "Knowledge Bundle".  I have found that your "Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine" has been a marvelous resource.  As a non or minimal "techie", you have helped me to understand more of and be able to use more of the capabilities of my PPC 6800 (Sprint).  You have also pointed me toward other PPC resources that I would likely have not found on my own.  I sincerely hope that the economics of PPC publication find you and endow you.  I had intended to be an ongoing subscriber.  Smarten up Microsoft!  HTC, what are you waiting for?

Sorry to hear the sad

Sorry to hear the sad news.  But I can understand from your explanation. I am truly surprised to hear about the lack of support from the smartphone companies.  I own a PDA (IPAQ HP2210) and relied on your publication extensively.  I have several friends, however, that have smartphones and that I know used the publication as their primary source of information on smartphones and new developments in that field.  Not very forward looking on the part of the smartphone people since, from where I stand, you led the field in keeping those users informed.

ferrotus wrote:  I have

ferrotus wrote:

 I have no interest in the iPhone.  Why do you need to drop the PPC news entirely?  Why not be all inclusive?  If the iPhone advertising pays more of the bills, OK, but the PPC's must be paying at least some of the bills.  My guess is that you have been paid to host an exclusive iPhone magazine.   I hope that you will at least include the "Knowledge Bundle".  I have found that your "Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine" has been a marvelous resource. .  Smarten up Microsoft!  HTC, what are you waiting for?


Ferrotus, as I said in the post, the decision was based on business and survival. Unfortunately, you are incorrect when you say that we have been paid to host iPhone magazine. It was a decision based on the passion in the iPhone market, and what we have done for 24 years supporting mobile computer users excited about their machines.

Please contact Marge at marge @ and she will substitute some combination of bundle, back issue MS Reader CD.

I am a brand new subscriber

I am a brand new subscriber to the magazine and was really looking forward to seeing a lot of WM content. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed and almost offended when I got my first issue which was pure iPhone news. I am on the same page as Ferrotus and have absolutely zero interest in the iPhone and I downright despise it. The reason I got a subscribtion to your magazine was to try to get more Windows Mobile news and filter out the iPhone stuff. I'm sorry Hal, but I am not going to pay $20 for a year of iPhone magazines, in fact, you couldn't pay me to send me a year of iPhone magazines. Your last WM issue does sound very interesting and I will definately be wanting a copy of that. But I don't want my $20 to go to a year of iPhone nonsense.

Hi goda7h3r, As a new

Hi goda7h3r,

As a new subcriber, as I mentioned in the blog post, you should contact marge [at] thaddeus [dot] com. She will substitute the Knowledge Bundle, which contains all sorts of useful goodies.  For those folks who have been subscribing and don't want iPhone Life, contact Marge, and she should be able to work out something that works for you.

I understand the advertising

I understand the advertising issue, but those of us who purchased an iPhone and so did not renew our subscriptions are certainly partially responsible for this situation. For those of who continue to buy and use the many WinMo phones out there, I'm sorry you will no longer have this excellent resource.

Meanwhile, I'm going now to subscribe to iPhone Life. And later, perhaps, to Android Life. This is a bump in the road for you, but surely better times are coming.

Twestley, I'm sure that both

Twestley, I'm sure that both of you that came from the Windows Mobile platform to the iPhone platform had very little to do with this decision.

This is yet another example of the iPod-mania taking over the world. Even though there are millions more Windows Mobile phones on the market, we are overwhelmed by iPhone accessories and products pushed by local vendors. I, too, have no interest in the iPhone or any magazine pushing it. Why would I, I don't have an iPhone and Hal admits that it is not as powerful as a Windows Mobile device. I am also insulted that this magazine is being shoved down my throat. Hopefully, Hal isn't seriously thinking that any of the PPC users will move to the iPhone because of this magazine. Once again, I didn't ask for this magazine to be mailed to me and I will be contacting "Marge" to make arrangements after I receive my final issue. I will really miss this magazine. I had looked forward to each and every issue and now will have to do something else for my PPC fix.

I've been a subscriber for 5 years and I will continue to hope that someone will come through with the financial support needed to continue a great magazine in the only format that it should be in. Poor Marge....I imagine that she will be overwhelmed and will also hate the iPhone.


ferrotus wrote: Why do

ferrotus wrote:

Why do you need to drop the PPC news entirely?  Why not be all inclusive?  If the iPhone advertising pays more of the bills, OK, but the PPC's must be paying at least some of the bills.  My guess is that you have been paid to host an exclusive iPhone magazine.  As a subscriber for less the a year (of the two years subscription for which I have paid), I hope that you will at least include the "Knowledge Bundle".  I have found that your "Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine" has been a marvelous resource. 


Our blog site here is active with lots of news. Unfortunately, no one is paying us anything to host an exclusive iPhone Magazine. 

At the end of the day we are a business. I have to pay our employees and the bills. We have no outside funding. We are a small, self-sustaining, pay-as-you go, publishing company. I have some great employees, many of whom were willing to take temporary layoff in order to be able to ride the transition. I am open to anyone's ideas on how to make our magazine viable - ideas that allow us to bring in more many than we spend.


I think a possible change

I think a possible change might to make the magazine based on any device that meets the common form factor you have always supported that is a pocket size computer.

I was a subscriber when the handhelds from Psion to HP Jornada's were around and lost interest due to it being only pocketpc.  Now with many new mobile devices from MID, UMPC, netbooks, etc. focusing on any pocket size computer might give you a wider population for both subscribers and advertisers.

I just ordered the Sharp D4 a unique slider/clamshell UMPC sold in Japan and if you had a magazine covering the many new such devices from UMPC's to MID's to pocket pc's and pda type phones like the Iphone I would be interested in signing up but not if it was just focused on the Iphone.

Wow.  Sorry to hear this. I

Wow.  Sorry to hear this. I had picked up the last 2 issues of your mag during my travels and was quite impressed.  A great resource for a non techie like me.  I actually was going to subscribe when this email came into my box.

The business world can be cruel.  Unfortunately, you can have the best product in your industry, but if the right people, or enough people don't know it, your going to have problems.

I'm anti-Apple anything right now, as I hate to see any product succeed when it is based mainly on hype and not functionality.  Plus apple made my life miserable for a few years, as all my graphics contacts used them, and swore that because I couldn't open their converted files, it was a Windows problem.

WM6 solves all my current needs via a Palm Treo, so I won't be changing until someone comes up with something that improves my productivity.

It's surprising that the carriers and mfg's can't see the value in buying adds in your magazine.  The "smartphone" has been a boom for their revenue stream and they certaintly don't have an easy way to educate their users.

I have been to the WM site a few times, found it cumbersome and too self serving to be of much good, other than download updates.  It's always nice to have a 3rd party review something before leaping in.

Good luck with your new endeavor, I'll get the Bundle,as it looks as though there won't be much else to guide me through my journey for now.

The magazine has been a

The magazine has been a beacon of many things that Pocket PC based devices are made of..


Hey Marge! Thanks for the

Hey Marge! Thanks for the great service in the past. I will miss the old magazine but I am looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say about iPhone. Now that the elections are over, whew, can I expect the last issue of Smartphone and PPC in my mailbox soon? Thanks for letting me know. Bye for now.


I've paid 2years

I've paid 2years subscription for smartphone pocket pc mag Zinio edition in Oct'07,

My one more year subscription left,

I've NOT received latest issue till now,When will I get it thro Zinio?

Will you send iphone life zinio for remaining period?

Or will you refund my remainig money back?

It is very much annoying to note that 'subsribers' were NOT informed thro' email regarding such a drastic move to suspend the mag,atleast I've NOT received any mail from you,

I came to know thro' casual browsing,how annoying!

Kindly guide me what I should do?


The final issue of

The final issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC was mailed out last week. Zinio subscribers should have received it today. It should start appearing on newsstands soon.

Zinio subscribers should check their spam filter for an E-mail from me, which explains that we will be delivering PC Magazine digitally to fulfill the subscription. There is also information about receiving iPhone Life digitally.

Print subscribers will receive iPhone Life.

Any subscriber of any publication can request a refund for the unused portion of their subscription. We will, or course, honor such requests. However, we humbly ask that you do not do so. If you do not want iPhone Life or wish to have it mailed to a friend, we do offer alternatives that most have found acceptable in lieu of a refund. Justhal [at] thaddeus [dot] com (subject: From%20%22Final%22%20Post) ( E-mail me).

Dear Hal, I was so late to

Dear Hal,

I was so late to find that, the Magazine is getting suspended. It is really shocking and very sad news. I was subscribing this magazine since 2005 through zinio. I was really disappointed. Anyhow thanks for the Good work which you have done for the last 11 years. Keep up the good work.

I have a query. Will the Resoure Guide / Last Issue will be available in Zinio format as I am yet to receive. Other wise I will order for the Knowledge bundle. But I am from India and will you ship the knowledge bundle to India... will it be possible. you can reach me at mvelu [at] yahoo [dot] com

Namaste!  I have E-mail

Namaste!  I have E-mailcustomerservice [at] zinio [dot] com ( Zinio customer service) on your behalf . We sent the Zinio version of the issue out several weeks ago.

Wishing you guys success in

Wishing you guys success in whatever happens in 2009!

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Hello Hal of the PPC of the

Hello Hal of the PPC of the mag's staff.

I studied in Canada and travel are not subscribed to, but always look at the news-stand for your new magazine. Just enter your site to subscribe online issue. I am sorry you are missing from the news stand. You have learned to use a vast resource of my PDA 2003 years to Mobile 5 and 6. Your efforts, we are pleased to see that your news station again.

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