New posts to forum closed for now


This web site and forum contains over 10 years of useful content for Windows Mobile users. The site began in 1998 as, became, and now is Microsoft in the meantime changed its lexicon from “Handheld PC” to “Palm-sized PC” to “Pocket PC” to “Smartphone” and now to “Windows Phone”. Microsoft referred to the underlying operating system as “Windows CE”, “Windows Mobile” and now just “Windows”.

As the operating system and the supported devices evolved, from 1998 through 2008 we published magazines “Handheld PC Magazine”, “Pocket PC” and “Smartphone & Pocket PC”.
Despite its early commitment to the pocket mobile space, Microsoft has stumbled. Windows Phones, while still popular, are not the favorites among enthusiasts. In fact we now publish a magazine on the iPhone rather than Windows. Having said that, remains extremely popular thanks to great ongoing blogging from Jim Karpen, Nate Adcock, and Werner Ruotsalainen, and from the extraordinary content on this site. That content includes articles from 11 years of our magazine, ongoing blogs, and terrific information on our forum generated from users helping users.
Unfortunately, currently almost all new forum posts are either spam or product announcements from the same few vendors. Consequently, we have decided to temporarily close the forum for posting, but leave its outstanding content in tact.
There are all sorts of rumors about Windows Phone 7. Folks who have seen demos think Microsoft has a real winner. Unfortunately, it may be a year before we see new version 7 phones. However, at that time, we expect interest to dramatically increase, and we may well open up forums once again.
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