Teksoft Releases New Fingertouch PRO Soft Keyboard!

"Fingertouch PRO, is the new version release, of the successful software keyboard from Teksoft. We've put a lot of effort into this product, to make it the best on the market. This upgrade comes with powerful features, designed to ease the text input on your Pocket PC."

Here are some of the new version's features:

  • The Speed. FT PRO is just too fast. If you're receiving this newsletter in HTML format, you can see the included Flash Movie. If not, feel free to visit www.fingertouchpro.com
  • Embedded fT9 Technology, Teksoft's patented engine for fast text input
  • It supports multiple languages including Cyrillic or Greek!
  • The keys can be moved, entire layout is configurable!
  • The keyboard size can be changed, including FULLSCREEN!
  • It includes Magnifier, Gestures, Ultra Keyboard Technology

I haven't tried it out, but the product videos on the site are pretty clear that it beats the standard input options for a touchscreen, but the constant word selection seemed to slow down input a bit. Any one try this one, let me know what you think. I've reviewed a lot of good soft keyboards of late, so I'm definitely curious.  A trial is available, and the full version is $24.95 U.S...

Looks great and sizes real

Looks great and sizes real nice on my old Tosh e800 in VGA! Now if I could just find a tut somewhere to show me how to use it.

Seems like it's loaded down with functionality - but I can't even figure out how to get the first letter of a sentence capitalized. Shame, 'cus I truly am considering registering this thing based on its looks and potential alone.

Nate, think you could find some time to load it up and perhaps offer a simple review and walkthrough? This could be a challenger to Fitaly in that they are not yet offering fingerboards. Thanks. 

yes, will do as soon as I

yes, will do as soon as I finish up the review I'm working now. softmaker office 2008...maybe I can do them together.

Thanks, but... uh...

Thanks, but... uh... SoftMaker Office, that's a review that should last you a few weeks to prep. Just bought the suite myself. It's lovely but I fear that I'll only end up using about a 1/4 of its functionality - if that.

The presentation package runs crazy slow on wm2003 with 64Meg (20 or so free) - but it does run. Can't imagine I'd ever use it on this machine. But on a new HTC Advantage or iPAQ 21x, it would be sweet.

The idea of reviewing SM Office and FingerTouch together may not work as one article, but I would imagine that you would want some kind of large keyboard, or full screen fingerboard, for doing large amounts of text and data entry in SoftMaker. Looking forward to both reviews..

Tell me about it...Been

Tell me about it...Been working on it for a few days now.

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