Why Windows Mobile Won me over other handheld devices

I have been asked this question many times why I went with Windows Mobile. I even wrote a pretty lengthy post in my blog about it and here is an excerpt from it:

"Many people have asked my why I have a PDA. For those that know I me, they know I have just about every electronic gizmo or gadget that comes out (My wife shakes her head everytime UPS or FedEx stops by the house). I will either use the device, hack it to improve it or to take it apart just see how it works. I was one of the first to adopt the use of a PDA with a Sharp Wizard Address Organizer, I then moved onto my first Pilot way back – to quote Dennis Miller, “remember the day when people thought a Palm Pilot was something elseâ€.

I used to hear ridicules like “that is just an electronic Rolodexâ€, â€Electronic notes that what I have Post-it Notes for†( yeah I know I can see them all over your workspace), “isn’t that kind of expensive for a calculator?â€. I have heard them all. I have gone through the upgrade paths to a Palm Professional,(part of the beta team for the IR port you all know and love), Palm III, Palm IIIc, PalmVx, then as a frustrated user of the Palm OS I made the jump to a PocketPC with the Jornada 567 because I was tired of the limitations of the Palm Hardware and OS for what I needed it to do as well as develop. And I am finding more wondrous uses for it everyday.

Today I use my PocketPC for in all of my daily and not so daily uses. I use it for the standard Note reference, which as I get older I tend to let some details slip from my mind to make room for more pertinent information. Now not only can I take written notes in nice neat text I can now write notes in my own handwriting with pictures, and even make quick voice notes. This is an especially cool feature when recording the first words of my children , to coincide with a journal entries on the growth and progress of my children on my pocketpc. I use the Contact list as it was intended for recording addresses, phone numbers, and notes about these contacts, birthdays, children, anniversaries, etc for both my personal and professional life..."

If you read the rest of this post I did a while back I list many of the programs I use and I how I use them. However, there are many more reasons why I chose to go with Windows Mobile. The ease of use, familar UI, the diversity of programs, the media rich capabilities, workflow tasks to replace the use of a laptop, ability to keep me in touch with my business world and personal life, ease of integration with the programs I use every day, the evolution of the Windows Mobile OS that other operating systems on handheld devices has pretty much taken second seat to, but many are soon trying make a improvements or even make their first introduction into the handheld space.

Today Windows Mobile 5 is the best choice for me as well as the next version of Windows Mobile 6 makes enough improvements to keep me using it as the OS of choice for my handheld device for now...

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