It’s all about “Main Memory”

For me, saving space on my Windows Mobile device means pushing as much as I can to the memory card. Cards are extremely cheap these days and there’s no reason not to have one in your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

Main memory, on the other hand, is limited, and when it’s full, the performance of the device degrades.

The first tip I can offer is to choose to install all applications to the storage card with the exception of any programs that launch via hardware keys. For example, I have Developer One’s Agenda Fusion and Microsoft’s Voice Command installed in main memory, but all other applications are on the card.

If you are still running out of space, one thing to remember is that Internet Explorer on the Pocket PC can fill up your storage space quickly with a lot of garbage. Unfortunately, the temporary Internet files are buried quite deeply and can be difficult to find. While there are some third party utilities out there that can clean this up, you can easily do it yourself if you know where to look. Run the File Explorer application and select “My Device†to go up a level from the default My Documents folder. From there (on a Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 device), select Windows, Profiles, guest, Temporary Internet Files, Content.IE5. You will see some subfolders there with random names. Delete them and their content to clean up LOTS of space.
Pocket IE Temp Files Folder
Pocket IE's Temporary Files Folder

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