Keeping President Elect Obama Connected - Microsoft Based SME PED Device

The NSA SME PED was developed using Windows CE as its base platform.

Microsoft and our partners worked hand-in-hand with the NSA and other agencies to ensure that this device met the very highest security bars.  Windows CE allows for the customization of a range of devices and is widely deployed in applications ranging from GPS handhelds to real-time, mission-critical industrial controllers, ATMs, Barcode and RFID Scanners, Feature Phones, Fuel Pumps, Gaming Devices, Remote Metering, Set-top Boxes and many more.
It was no surprise that the NSA looked toward Microsoft given the company's long history of working closely with the government as a trusted advisor to produce relatively low-cost COTS or "GOTS" (Government Off The Shelf) devices.  
The US Government has made a huge investment in Microsoft and its platform.  This mobile initiative is simply an extension of the work we have done on the desktop and other mission critical applications that are used around the world.  It just makes sense that our technology would be adopted for small form-factor devices as well.
This device has passed bars that no other device can lay claim to as it was developed in tandem with the NSA and passed the highest security bars in the world.  Unlike Blackberry (a Canadian company), this device does not utilize a NOC to relay information and eliminates a potential risk vector.
The President of The United States can use American technology and be safe in the knowledge that it is the most secure connected device in the world.
While the SME PED is a customized CE device, there are ongoing talks with OEMS and varous agencies about porting Windows Mobile to this device and others like it.

The National Security Agency

The National Security Agency has developed a hand-held communication device that will revolutionize secure, portable access to classified information. Its technical name is "Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device" (SME-PED) and it enables its users to send and receive both classified and unclassified telephone calls and to exchange classified and unclassified email. I'll use these materials and with help of the professional writing services wil get a great paper.In addition, the SME-PED (pronounced "SMEE-PED") enables users to web browse on secure networks that are classified SECRET.

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