My Current Favorite Bluetooth Device

I was fortunate enough to write a Bluetooth article for the June/July 2007 issue of Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine which examined a broad array of Bluetooth devices optimized for the Windows Mobile environment. Consequently, I was able to test some amazing cutting edge technology. Of all the devices I had the opportunity to highlight in that article, the one Bluetooth device that continues to amaze me is the Gennum Z-E-N nX6000 Bluetooth Headset. This amazing single ear headset is about the size of a guitar pick and the thickness of a pack of gum. Unlike other earpieces, the nX6000 fits snuggly in my ear, tolerating even sprint jogging without dislodging. Compared to other headsets I've used, none deliver the audio quality (especially outbound voice) as clear as the nX6000 which is even more remarkable considering its size. Battery life is also a decent six hours even though the size of the device would lead one to believe differently. The removable plastic ear clip can be rotated so the headset can be worn on either ear, and the main housing contains all the buttons necessary to interact with callers, from call answering, returning, power on/off and volume controls.

I can't say enough praise for this compact innovation. Perhaps the only caveat to this is the fact that some individuals who have a tendency of misplacing small items may have trouble keeping an eye on this tiny headset. With an accompanying power supply larger than the device itself, it's only a matter of time before Gennum and other headset manufacturers further miniaturize this technology to fit entirely within the human ear. And based on how quickly Bluetooth headsets are evolving, we may in fact see such an offering before the release of Windows Mobile 7!

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