Is There a Public Beta for SoftMaker Office 2008 for Pocket PCs?

I recently received a very exiting email from SoftMaker:

Effective immediately, you can download the beta version of SoftMaker Office 2008 for Pocket PCs from our web site - free of charge!

This new version of SoftMaker Office for Pocket PCs contains:

* TextMaker 2008, the new version of our word processor
* PlanMaker 2008, the new version of our spreadsheet
* SoftMaker Presentations 2008, the first release of SoftMaker's alternative to PowerPoint

SoftMaker Presentations brings to the Pocket PC, for the first time, the ability to edit and create PowerPoint (.ppt) files without conversion, without loss of formatting or content.

All applications in SoftMaker Office 2008 can now print, and they can create PDF files. These are just two of the many improvements we made to the only desktop-quality office suite for Pocket PCs.

TextMaker 2008 - Word processor
SoftMaker TextMaker 2008 - Word processor

PlanMaker 2008 - Spreadsheet
SoftMaker PlanMaker 2008 - Spreadsheet

Presentations 2008 - Presentation graphics
SoftMaker Presentations 2008 - Presentation graphics

I suspect that there is going to be a lot of excitment with regards to SoftMaker Presentations 2008 because:

[It] is the only Pocket PC application worldwide that lets you edit PowerPoint files on the Pocket PC without file conversion and without loss of quality.

All elements of PowerPoint files are preserved, among others:

* all types of formatting
* all slide transitions and animations
* all slide designs and color schemes
* all graphics, drawings, and backgrounds
* all notes and comments

... simply everything that could be in a PowerPoint file!

For more information, including the download, visit this link.

SoftMaker Office 2008 is available for Pocket PCs, Windows and soon for Linux and Windows CE. One can exchange documents between all these platforms without conversion.

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