Is There An Upgrade Special for Agendus for Windows Mobile v.2.2?

Iambic - well-known to the Best Software Awards - recently emailed to inform me that there were:

...two major enhancements to our latest Agendus for Windows Mobile v.2.2 update that you won't want to miss, including an Active Sync Provider that will allow you to smoothly transfer icons and day colors from Agendus Windows on your PC to your phone and vice versa.

and to make the choice to upgrade even sweeter, rather than their usual U$9.95 fee, they've halved it to U$4.95 until March 5, 2008.

Upgrade to Agendus Pocket PC Professional for U$4.95 or Upgrade to Agendus Smartphone Professional for U$4.95 - a little digging showed that the promo code is apparently 495AGWM0226, but check your basket to be sure that it works correctly for you.

One thing that I have always liked about Iambic is that they give some very generous deals to existing customers, even when they are not running specials such as I have described above.

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