Sun throws a grand open opening


Sun Microsystems has seen the light and set Java free. Yes, that's right, it's gone open source! And to that wonderful end, they've created - the Source for Java Technology Collaboration.

I had long suspected that this would happen and had to endure the mocking of some of my web design and development 'friends'. Don't call me Cassandra; it just made sense to me.

It's already free, they said, what more could you want. And I would say: "Uh, there's free, and then there's open source" while simultaneously thinking: "MORONS!". Okay, maybe 'associates' is a better term, in this case.

But I digress. No time to be bitter. No need to gloat (heh, heh). I strongly subscribe to the notion that living well is the best revenge. And I'm living, baby!

Of course, being a long time Mobile Computing Evangelist (6+ years specializing in video), and having earned the title 'Pocket PC Princess', the community Sun is seeding which interests me the most is the Mobile & Embedded one.

Jim, you don't need permission. These images are freely available for download from the Java home page. I got this graphic from a section where they are all made available; I tried to remember where, but I couldn't quite recall. I'd suggest you contact their PR dept.

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