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Alan Henry posted about an interesting accessory on Gearlog that definitely peaked an interest for me. The concept of this device is to copy data from pretty much anything to anything else. How cool is that?

With MCopy you can transfer any files, music and pictures between any device that has a USB port or cable. For example: Connect 2 iPod's, 2 cameras, 2 PSP's, 2 storage devices or any combination of your gadgets and exchange files with your friends in under a minute! Cool!

Check out Alan's piece here at Gearlog

and you can visit the Uniconsys site here to get more information on this exciting product.

Check out the specs after the jump


Enables file / picture / music / movie transfer between USB devices such as digital cameras, portable storage, data banks, MP3 players, flash drives, etc.
Eliminates the need for a computer for everyday camera or MP3 player use
View and edit pictures, slideshow and picture browsing on large 3.5" color screen, use as a photo album
Share one music library between multiple portable music players
Use mass storage devices to backup pictures / music / movies / other files from portable devices
Securely copy and share documents on the go
Easy and comfortable operations with full screen user interface and touch screen
Exchange MP3 music between MP3 player and mobile phone


MCopy&trade is a handheld device in a PDA form factor
Large 3.5" color TFT screen displaying 262K colors and a resolution of 320x240 with touch panel and adjustable LED backlight
2 high speed USB connectors for wide range USB peripheral devices
1 high speed USB mini OTG port for PC connection
Internal SD card expansion port
Infrared communication port
Rechargeable Li-Ion 1200 ma/h battery
Charging with ACDC charger or through the USB port


Supports multiple USB devices connected at the same time (using USB hubs)
Wide range of slave USB devices (i.e. cameras, MP3 players, flash storages, portable hard drives and more)
Number of master USB devices such as PC (Windows, MAC and Linux), OTG printers and more
Mass storage and PTP devices
FAT, HFS, NTFS, ISO9660, Joliet, VFS and other file systems
USB hubs and Card readers
USB enabled CD / DVD writers


Transfer data between devices listed above with blasting USB 2.0 High Speed
Quick and easy content management operations
OneClickT operations give quick access to the most frequently used features
Wizard guides the user through intuitive step-by-step procedure to setup and perform the desired operation

Features available:

Copy All - Copy all of the content from one device to another
Move All - Copy all of the content and empty the first device
Swap All - Swap content between two devices
Sync All - Makes both devices to have identical content
Backup All - Backup all of the content on a storage device
Delete All - Empty the device
Get Folder - Load a folder from storage device into media player



Manage multimedia content on / between listed devices
Full screen complete file browser:

Select device(s) and view properties
Directories and file access
Copy / Cut / Paste / Rename / Delete selected files and directories
See picture / music file properties
Search for files/directories on a device.
Select group of files by filter (e.g. Date earlier then, Size bigger than:)
Many other features and operations


Wide range of supported graphics formats: JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc.
Full screen picture browser, thumbnail view, slideshow
Picture editing: resize, crop, zoom, red eye reduction, brightness, contrast, saturation, multiple filters and effects
Personal Touch T unique feature allows user to sign the picture with free hand writings or drawings
Add audio commentaries to pictures using headset microphone


Browse, copy, share MP3 files between listed devices
Full featured MP3 player
Encode MP3 from analog input or rip CDs from USB CDROM
View pictures from MP3 files (ID3v2)
Make custom slideshows with music


Comprehensive device setup function
User customizable list of operations


Weight with battery is 6.5 ounces
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 3" x 5" x 0.75"

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