Downloads for the Pocket PC

You can find many of the main download sites in the Downloads section
on our Best Sites
page, including Tucows,
and ZDNet.
Also, our All-Purpose sites often have very useful downloads sections,
such as those found on PocketNow.
For games you'll want to be sure to try PocketGamer.Org.

I've recently added Greg's
iPaq Software List
to Best Sites. It lists some 750 programs, most of
which work on all Pocket PCs. In particular, Greg has an excellent list of

As we've noted in this column before, sometimes you're just interested
in the freebies, and it's a real hassle sorting through the listings of
the main vendors to find them. So it's useful when someone like Chee
or Greg search out those that don't cost anything.

Greg lists 257 freeware titles. And I do mean list: there's no
categorization--just one long list organized according to date added, most
recent on top. Yet I like his list because one can quickly scan down the
page to see what's available. Each item in the list has product name (and
download link), short description, and date added.

His other categories (with number of titles in parentheses) include
Utilities (105), Games (164), Database & Mapping Software (35),
Graphics (27), Finance (52), PIM (55), Medical (25), Multimedia &
Video (10), Music (8), eBooks (70), Sports (27), Internet/E-mail (55),
Linux (4), Development (19), and Screen/Shell/Task Utilities (38). (All
these figures are as of June 1.)

Like so many sites (e.g., PocketPCThoughts.Com),
Greg adds news to his site via occasional diary-like postings that mention
important new software releases.

What Greg's site doesn't have is the lists of most popular downloads
that are typically found on the sites from the major vendors. These lists
sometimes have the advantage of directing you to the most useful software.
But I think the advantages of Greg's site in terms of efficiency,
organization, and freebies make it well worth your time to take a look.

You might also check out Yahoo's database of Pocket
PC downloads
. It's apparently identical in offerings and
categorization to Handango, but Yahoo's lean design makes it fast to use.
It lists some 1,500 offerings, including software and eBooks.

Let me know of other excellent sources for downloads: jim_karpen [at] pocketpcmag [dot] com.

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