E-book Movie Guides Via TomeRaider

There are a variety of readers of eBooks available online in addition
to Microsoft Reader, each having a specific role. For example, if you want
contemporary titles from major publishers, you'll want to use the free
reader from Peanut
. (The reader is free, the books cost money.)

Another useful reader is TomeRaider.
In this case, the reader costs money but the books are free. So why, I
wanted to know, would I want to pay for a reader, since I already have a
free reader on my Pocket PC? The answer is that TomeRaider gives rapid
access to large volumes, such as the popular Internet
Movie Database
on MemoWare.

According to developer Mat Ripley, TomeRaider is a compressed and
indexed text file system. It means you can have, for example, an
encyclopedia on your Pocket PC and be able to get to any record in an
instant. There are over 1,350 freely available TomeRaider files on

A new version of the Internet Movie Database recently released is,
according to Mat, more nicely formatted and includes multiple plot
summaries and actor lists.

The new movie guides have also been rearranged. There are 15 versions
of the data, ranging from 500K to 11 megs. The guides, which include films
that have had a US or UK release, have three different levels of detail.
New versions of the data are released every two months.

If you want full detail on all movies from 1920 to present, your
download will be 11.2 megs. A more compact version with less information
runs 8.5 megs. The micro version is 2.7 megs and includes items such as
title, playing time, director, language, genre, and lead actors.

You can also choose versions dating from 1960, 1980, 1990, and 1995 to
present. Other books available include encyclopedias, dictionaries,
novels, nonfiction, and more. Search on "TomeRaider" in MemoWare
to see a list of offerings in this format.

While TomeRaider can be used to read eBooks, its real strength is that
very large reference works can be compressed into .TR format. For example,
the Find function takes just a fraction of the time the same search would
take in a Word document of the same size. You can do a quick search using
Quickfind on the main screen, or you can use the Find function, which
gives you some Boolean control over the search.

You can download
a trial version of TomeRaider (111K). The cost is $25 to be a registered
user. The software only works on a Pocket PC and isn't available for the

Let me know if you have favorite TomeRaider books: jim_karpen [at] pocketpcmag [dot] com.

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