HTC HD2 Officially Announced

Wow, just when I thought I’d had enough of the HD2, it dominated the Windows Mobile websites this past week. The big news was that HTC officially announced that it’ll be coming to the U.S. in the first quarter of 2010. Also, some pretty spectacular videos were posted, as well as some great reviews.

HTC HD2 Available by Spring 2010

According to the announcement by HTC, the HD2, with its gorgeous 4.3-inch capacitive screen, will be available in the U.S. early next year. There is no word yet regarding which carrier will pick it up.

Of course, you can purchase an unlocked version in advance of that date. But you’ll be paying the full price rather than subsidized price. The European and Asian versions will in fact work with the T-Mobile and AT&T networks. But it won’t have the proper band to take advantage of 3G, so you’ll be limited to the slower Edge data speeds.

According to a post on PocketNow, the cheapest price they can find is $760.

Videos and Reviews of the HD2

Probably the most comprehensive video is MoDaCo’s 43-minute demo. The MoDaCo web page helpfully gives a table of contents in case you want to skip ahead to particular topics.

MobilityMinded has a really solid review and refers to the HD2 as a “new era in Windows Phones history.” The overall conclusion? “Quietly brilliant!” SlashGear has posted two videos (both in English): an unboxing and a hardware tour. And Engadet has a gallery of photos.

The 4.3-Inch Screen of the HD2

There are many aspects of the HD2 that are causing excitement, but perhaps none more so than the large screen. Just to give you an idea: the popular iPhone has a 3.6-inch screen and 480 x 320 resolution. The HD2 has a 4.3-inch screen and 800 x 480 resolution.

In this 10-minute video HTC CEO Peter Chou talks about the HD2 as a consumer phone and the advantages of a larger display. And later in the video (4:32) he briefly compares the HD2 screen to that of the iPhone.

And this stunning 3-minute video (in Dutch) shows the spectacular image you get playing video on the HD2.

The Onscreen Keyboard

SlashGear compares the HD2 keyboard to the hardware keyboard of the Nokia N900 and finds that it’s better than most hardware keyboards that come with smartphones. The HD2 can be used in landscape mode, providing fairly large keys, and the effectiveness is enhanced by HTC’s auto-correction and predictive text.

Manual and Quick Start Guide Available for Downloading

If you want even more detail about this exciting new phone, you can download the user manual and quick start guide.

HD2 Capable of Being WiFi Hotspot

PocketNow has a post that mentions software on the HD2 that will let the phone act as a WiFi hotspot, meaning that you’ll be able to connect your laptop to the Internet via your phone’s data connection. And the above review on MobilityMinded also covers this feature.

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