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October 4 was a day filled with big news, as manufacturers of Pocket PCs
released or announced a bevy of new models, including new devices from Hewlett
Packard, Compaq, Casio, Toshiba, Symbol, Audiovox, and Intermec.

As always, there's a wealth of information online. Microsoft has a page outlining the new models and links to more detailed information. The
page lets you select the models you're interested in and do a feature-by-feature
comparison. Also, Nick Warren has put together a page comparing the features of the new models.

CNet ran an article on October 4 about the introduction of the new models and gave
some specs. CNN.Com carried an effective overview of the models and offered the opinions of a
technology analyst from Gartner, Inc. on the strengths of the various new
devices. One of the more thorough surveys, including an elaborate comparison
chart, came out on the PDABuzz site. There were lots of photos for each of the models, but when I visited, the
images weren't loading. MSNBC weighed in with a look at the models and said that the iPAQ now has serious

Most of the early reviews were about the new HP Jornadas, because they were
in the pipeline first. Vendors were selling them well before the official
release date of October 4. One of the first reviews was a very useful article on ZDNet.
Also, PocketNow,
which has a reputation for excellent reviews, carried an in-depth article on the

Compaq has posted detailed specs on its new iPAQs and has provided a list of links to
reviews and further information. Pen
Computing Magazine
offers a preview/review of the Casio E-200, which is due
in November. You can find additional info on the Casio site. The official Toshiba site carries detailed information on its new models, the e570 series.

This short article on ZDNet discusses the difficulty of choosing among the new models. In the first round,
the iPAQ seemed to be the winner, but now the other vendors have come out with
exciting models. In this article, the writers seem to be the most excited about
the Toshiba.

If you know of other excellent overviews of the new models, please let me
know: jim_karpen [at] pocketpcmag [dot] com (jim_karpen [at] pocketpcmag [dot] com ).

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