PocketPC Addict Offers News

Rule #1 about computers: you are their slave. Whether you're a
computerphile or not, you must necessarily follow what's going on--new
software, latest upgrades, new hardware, useful peripherals, industry
rumors, virulent viruses, etc.

In this space we've already hyped sites such as
Pocket PC Thoughts
and Pocket PC
as good sites for daily updates. And into an increasingly
crowded field of news sites comes
PocketPC Addict--with
a fresh approach and effective layout.

Rather than the weblog approach that has become so popular, PocketPC
Addict uses more of a Drudge Report style, with several columns of the most fascinating recent
headlines. There's no commentary, just links to useful information and news
(and leaks of news in advance of product announcements).

When I visited, there were links to information on items such as the new
Pocket PC 2002 (including a video demonstration); the new Adobe Acrobat
Reader for Pocket PC; the attempted defection of a core team of iPAQ
developers (shades of Drudge); information on how to solve Microsoft Money
problems; and an application that turns a Pocket PC into a phone book.

One thing that makes the site useful is that the news doesn't scroll away
after a few days in the same fashion as weblog sites. This is not to say
that it's better--but just a different approach. In particular, if you're
not inclined to follow the news every day, this would be a good place to
stop every few days to see what's going on.

I was also impressed with
when I visited recently. It's yet another hobbyist site generously playing a
role in the sharing of information among the Pocket PC community. It offers
news, reviews, tips & tricks, downloads, forums, and links.

The most intriguing feature wasn't available when I visited because it
was temporarily down: an ftp server that lets people download two programs
for every one that they upload. Interesting concept.

You also get a nice overview of Pocket PC-related information on Todd
Ogasawara's MobileViews.com. He too offers links to the latest information on things
such as Pocket PC 2002 as well as including his own articles and FAQs. He's
posted some "themes" that you can add to the today screen of your Pocket PC
if you're using the new Pocket PC 2002 software.

Be sure to check out our
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