Review of Dell Venue Pro, New Apps, Tip

Reviews of the Dell Venue Pro are starting appear, as are rumors that it will be coming to AT&T. This week I also want to point you to a discussion of how to dress up your home screen, as well as note some new apps and a review of the LG Quantum.

Dell Venue Pro

Of the Windows Phone 7 devices that were originally announced, the Dell Venue Pro is taking a long time to appear. But now it’s in the hands of some lucky reviewers, and rumors are that it may be coming to AT&T.

Its most notable feature may be its slidedown keyboard, which is a great feature if you’re someone who’s not satisfied with the onscreen keyboards of many phones. And its most remarkable feature may be the 4.1-inch AMOLED display, which according to PocketNow may be the largest AMOLED mobile display available at the moment.

PocketNow gives it a detailed and positive review, along with photos and three videos: an unboxing video, a hardware review video, and a software review video. They refer to it as a terrific device, but are honest about some drawbacks, the chief one being the weight and bulk due to the slidedown keyboard.

PocketNow has also posted a sample of video taken with the device’s HD camera.

LG Quantum Review

Of the three Windows Phones from AT&T, most of the attention has gone toward the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround. But they’re also offering the LG Quantum.

Like the Dell Venue Pro, the Quantum has a hardware keyboard, but it’s the more familiar horizontal slider compared to Dell’s vertical slider. And like the Dell, it adds bulk and weight. It has a 3.5-inch WVGA screen.

IntoMobile has posted a review, including photos and a video. It notes the excellent keyboard and overall hardware quality, but the reviewer has reservations, mainly related to the platform itself rather than the specific device.

First Multi-platform Game; Media Center Remote Control

One of the features of Windows Phone 7 is multi-platform gaming: that is, the ability to compete with other players who are on a different platform.

However, no multi-platform games had been available — until now. PocketNow has noted the appearance in the Windows Phone Marketplace of a multi-platform chess game as part of the $2.99 Game Chest: Logic Games pack. If you send an invitation to a PC user within the app, then you’ll be able to play chess with him or her.

Windows Phone Thoughts has also noted the appearance of an app that lets you use your device as a remote for Windows Media Center. You can see a video on YouTube.

Tip: Making Your Windows Phone More Attractive

If you think the user interface on Windows Phone 7 is ugly or boring, then check out this post on PocketNow in which they explain how to make it more attractive.

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