Update to Improve Speed; Sprint’s WP7 Phone; Bugs & Tips

Good news: the expected update to Windows Phone 7 will improve the speed. Also, I want to point you to pictures of the Windows Phone coming from Sprint, as well as information on a data usage bug, and tips on how to monitor your usage.

Windows Phone 7 Speed to Improve

Microsoft didn’t have much to offer at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, but one announcement by CEO Steve Ballmer was very welcome: the imminent Windows Phone 7 update will give the device a noticeable speed boost. This will decrease app loading times and improve the performance of apps that load lots of graphics.

You can see a video demo of the boost in speed on YouTube.

Photos of Forthcoming Sprint Phone

There’s no official word on when this phone will be out, with some reports saying June, while Phone Scoop is reporting that the CEO has said a 3G version will be out soon.

Phone Scoop has a number of photos of the phone, which has a slideout keyboard.

T-Mobile HTC HD7 Now $99

The price has already come down on T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 Windows Phone, at $99 with a two-year contract. The phone, which is very similar to the popular HD2 Windows Mobile phone, has a 4.3-inch screen and a 5-megapixel camera.

Data Bug in Some Windows Phones

Some users were reporting large charges on their bills for huge amounts of data that they, in fact, hadn’t used. You can read reports of this on ZDNet and PocketNow.

Windows Phone Secrets then reported that Microsoft had acknowledged the bug and was working on it. And then PocketNow reported that the HTC Hub may be causing it.

Also, PocketNow has posted a great article that gives you tips on watching your data usage. For example, Windows Phone won’t let you download large apps unless you’re on a WiFi connection. But if you should somehow lose that connection, the app will continue to download, eating up your cellular data allotment.

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