Windows Phone 7 Sales Figures; App News; Tips; Devices Compared

Microsoft has finally released some sales figures, and while paltry compared to other devices, it represents a solid start. This week we’ll also look at some comparisons of Windows Phone 7 devices, in case you’re in the market for one. If you happened to get one for Christmas, we’ll note some helpful steps to getting started with a Windows Phone 7. And I’ll point you to a list of best apps and other app news.

1.5 Million Windows Phones Sold

In an interview last month, Microsoft vide president Achim Berg announced that 1.5 million units were sold in the fist six weeks. However, this figure represents the number of phones that manufacturers sold to carriers and retailers, and Berg didn’t say how many were actually sold to consumers.

How does this figure match up? Last month it was widely reported that 300,000 Android phones are activated every day. But Berg notes that their sales are similar to other first-generation phones.

He also said that there are now 18,000 developers.

Best Windows Phone 7 Apps

WPCentral reported last month that there were over 5,000 apps in Windows Phone Marketplace. Again, it’s a small number compared to the over-300,000 iPhone and over-200,000 Android apps. But it’s plenty to signify that developers are jumping aboard.

So which apps among those 5,000 deserve your attention? Check out LIfehacker's list of best Windows Phone 7 apps. This is a great list of must-have apps in these categories: Productivity; Internet/Communication; Location-Aware and Social Networks; Utilities, Music and Media; and Food, Shopping, and Entertainment.

Windows Phone 7 Devices Compared

If you’re interested in how these devices compare in terms of basic specs (size, weight, RAM, screen size, etc.), check out ElektricForest’s helpful at-a-glance graphic illustration of these comparisons.

Also, PocketNow has a helpful review, including a video, comparing the HTC HD7 and the Dell Venue Pro.

5 Steps to Getting Started with Your Windows Phone

If you recently got a Windows Phone, you’ll want to check out PocketNow’s list of five next steps for new owners. This is an excellent orientation for those getting started, and for those thinking of getting one of these devices.

Reviews of LG Quantum, HTC Surround

Windows Phone Thoughts has published an in-depth review of the HTC Surround, and an unboxing/first-impressions video of the LG Quantum. Regarding the Surround, the most notable feature of which is the slide-out speaker, the reviewer says that he’s not impressed — that there’s not really any benefit. And regarding the LG Quantum, reviewer Jason Dunn seems quite impressed with it.

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