Bluetooth candidate #3: Motorola H700

H700 in silver

Bluetooth version - 1.2
Range - 33 ft.
Talk time - up tp 6 hours
Stand-by - up to 200 hours
Charging time - less than 1 hour
Weight - 0.2 ounces
Echo and noise cancellation integrated

MSRP: $99.99

Motorola here builds upon the proven success of their earlier HS850 model. The build quality and functionality is similar except the H700 is about 1/3 smaller than its predecessor. Motorola touts the "iconic look and feel" in order to create the sense of style and worldliness that deserves the price point that it comes in at... but is it worth it?

At 0.2 ounces, weight is quite literally, hardly a topic of discussion. The improved design really makes very light! The fit was very comfortable and the main part of the device held quite well against my ear without any hitting any pressure points I had experienced with the H500. The ear hook is easy to adjust for use with the left or right ear. The speaker, sits outside the ear while angling the audio toward the ear canal.

Controls are handled through one multi-use button on the outside, two volume controls located on on opposite sides of the unit and a folding mini boom mic that turns the headset on and off. The buttons were responsive with good tactile feedback; however, they may be a bit small for people with large fingers or long finger nails.

Real world mixed usage I found the battery to allow me to go 4-5 days between charges.

Now let's dive into the sound quality. It was just slightly richer than that of the H700, and I could definitely detect clearer details from a caller than I could with the Jabra BT125. Again, when I would mention to a caller that I was on a headset, he/she just wouldn't have known that I was. Evidently the echo and noise cancellation was doing it's part here. I had no issues with sound quality when it comes to using it around the house, at the office, or when walking down a not so busy street. My test in using it while driving in my convertible with the top up, unfortunately would sour my high hopes for it. Driving around the city was possible, but on the freeway, the volume just couldn't overcome the roadnoise. The same for use in busy environments and meeting halls - I still had to end up pressing the unit against my ear to hear the caller clearly.

This model doesn't posess wind cancellation - wind was an issue to really make using this with the top down horrible.

This headset, may just be one of those that proves you get what you pay for in comparison to the previous 2 I had reviewed and tested. Included into the price is the styling and technology. Unfortunately, in my application, it still falls a bit short. No doubt it is better than the H500 and the Jabra BT125, the noise/echo cancellation does contribute to improved sound quality in the ideal environment, it is just in my real world, especially in my convertible, I really can't accept regular usage of it. If you don't plan to use it in the situations I have issues with, then this a very worthy purchase.

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