The Greatest Windows Mobile Game That Never Was


I've had a chance to thoroughly test a lot of great games during this year's Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Awards judging phase, but I can't help thinking that one game is missing. I'm referring to what is undoubtedly the most promising Windows Mobile game that was never released: Pyromania.


Read on only if you're prepared for immense disappointment at the fact that this game will never be released...

Here's Pyromania's description:

Discover the awesome mystery of the Post-Nuclear underground world of SkyTek. Burn out hordes of awful creatures to survive. Rescue people, acquire new allies (and enemies). Be prepared for the unusual adventure plot - a breakthrough in Pocket PC gaming.

This is not a port or clone, this totally new game designed especially for Mobile devices combines top-notch pre-rendered 3D graphics with a complex trigger logic system and elaborate AI system. Marvel at the ultra-interactive world including the most visually detailed scenes ever in a Pocket PC RPG game. Superb music and sound effects will immerse you in feature-rich gameplay.

The feature list included the following:

  • 5 weapons: Flamethrower, hopper-mine, time charge, rocket flamethrower and jet-belt
  • Minimap and objectives: You always know where you are and what to do
  • Creepy gluttons will try to gut you using their cooperative and aggressive attack! Smart AI!
  • Burn down and blow up dozens of objects in the game - it's all animated!
  • NPC characters: talk to people, give and get items from them, heal, follow, lead...
  • X-Interactive universe: Take and use items, repair and use gears, open doors, explore "chests", read...
  • Many types of items including the fresh meat to distract the gluttons
  • Immersive atmosphere: Stereo Music changes through the game according the in-game situation, graphic details bring the reality to the game
  • FREE Map Editor: Extremely powerful - with trigger logic and your text dialog files
  • FREE Custom Maps, custom items, characters and other objects
  • Amazing special effects: 7 types of fire, 4 types of smoke, 3 types of blow, vapour and water...
  • Options: Fully-customizable buttons, quickload at a game start, powersaving, fps enhancement

Pyromania was supposed to be released literally years ago. I had actually [somehow] managed to forget about it until recently. Once I remembered it, the first thing I did was replay the amazing demo. The next thing I did was try to figure out what happened to this gem.

I'm really REALLY sad to say that the word on the proverbial street is that the developer has gone AWOL and the game will never be released.

Ha! Sorry about that Nate. For what it's worth, if there was ever a game worth getting distracted over, it's probably this one....Oh, and I too was addicted to K-Rally for a while.

The demo of Pyromania is still available (it's linked to towards the end of the main post). You would be cheating yourself if you didn't give it a whirl.

While I don't always see eye to eye with you on "gem" status, I have to agree with you 100% on this one. I got to play around with the beta not long before the developer seemed to fade from existence, and I was so looking forward to writing a full blown review of this game. If we're really lucky, either he'll realize what a bad way he's put us in and complete the project, or someone else will actually have the source and finish it for him. Either way, this game must live :)

Agreed; I loved the demo too, albeit I have to admit I've spent more time with K-Rally and Orions :)

Hope the developer finishes the project some day. It's really worth it.

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