A list of VGA forceable applications?


Q: Is there any thread that collects all the applications that are "forceable" in the default SE VGA mode like Acrobat Reader 2.0? A: Unfortunately, probably the best thread on VGA compliance, in its first (list) section, mostly discusses/contains information on VGA-aware apps or apps that do run in native VGA mode, not on their need/ability to be forced into VGA. (Except for the image viewer/editor section, which was contributed by me and, therefore, also contains information on forceability.) However, the entire thread may still be worth a read because there're some mentions of forceability now and then. In addition to the above-mentioned list, if you know a given application area that (for example, Web browsers, document viewers etc.) may need forcing, you may want to cast a glance of the Pocket PC application roundups at either Windows Mobile Technology or here, in my blog. When I write a product roundup, I always include information on whether the reviewed applications use pixel doubling in SE VGA mode and whether the forced VGA mode work with them or not. Some other recommendations: this is a very good thread too; unfortunately, it only lists native VGA compliance in its starting list, not forceability. And, another (with not that good and/or already mentioned links) thread here.
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