Alternative Java environment Mysaifu updated

A new, 0.2.3 version of Mysaifu, the new, alternative, free Java environment meant for running stand-alone Java language applications has just been released with some really nice bugfixes (and, unfortunately, with some new bugs). The author of Mysaifu is really active: it was just a few days ago that the previous, 0.2.2 version of this excellent environment was released. Wyvern Probably the most important bugfix makes it possible to play the well-known Java-based multiplayer game "Wyvern" without any problems. Now, also context menus work flawlessly (the only problem with the previous, 0.2.2 version). I really recommend the game – it's free and if you like online multiplayer Role Playing games, you will definitely like this title too. Please read The Definitive Multiplayer PPC Game Roundup for more information on the game. Toonel With Toonel, the other most important Java-based application for the Pocket PC, the situation isn't that good. Under pre-WM5 operating systems (that is, WM2003 and WM2003SE – Mysaifu doesn't support older operating systems), no matter how much memory I've allocated for Toonel (I've tested with even 20 Mbytes), there were a lot of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException's being thrown. This resulted in a visible speed degradation (but, fortunately, nothing else - that is, the pages and all resources still arrived without visible problems). That is, under WM2003(SE), it's best to stick to the previous, 0.2.2 version – it worked flawlessly in this respect. Unfortunately, under WM5, Toonel is still useless under Mysaifu: pages/resources still refuse to arrive in their entirety, as can also be seen in this and this screenshot. The above-mentioned exception is thrown here too (but it's much rarer than under pre-WM% operating system). Verdict In general (unless you want to run Toonel), it's worth upgrading to the new version. Advanced stuff For tech/Java freaks, here's the exception stack trace: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 72 at c.c.if (Unknown source) at c.e.a (Unknown source) at (Unknown source) at b.c.if (Unknown source) at b.c.a (Unknown source) at e.f.a (Unknown source) at (Unknown source) at (Unknown source) at (Unknown source) at ( EDIT (March 21, 2006): Good news for you: I've managed to make CrEme (another JVM) run Wyvern - at a MUCH higher speed than Mysaifu!!! The only problem is that it doesn't work with WM5 devices. That is, ignore this post if you only have a WM5 device - it won't work on it. On pre-WM5 devices, on the other hand, it works just great! Please see THIS.
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