Causerie releases Windows Mobile version of their well-known IM client!

Causerie has just released their, on other mobile platforms, already-known instant messaging solution.

I’ll soon give it a thorough test ride and accordingly update the Windows Mobile Instant Messaging Bible. Stay tuned! :)


OK guys and gals, I’ve thoroughly tested the app. The majority of the information can be found in the updated comparison chart of the IM Bible; in here, I only provide you with a pros/cons list.

The good

  1. ability to log into any IM service using two accounts – currently, no other IM app is capable of this!
  2. support for (ro)bots. Right now, Causerie retrieves Stock Quotes, Weather Predictions, Directions, News related to Business, Technology, Games, California Traffic, eBay etc.
  3. Enterprise version supports Lotus IM (Sametime), Microsoft LCS, SIP, Reuters LCS and Jabber (SSL) – this is a BIG plus and really unique!
  4. IMAP support. This means you don’t need to run an IMAP-capable mailer client in the background to get notified of your incoming mails. This, of course, will only work if you do have an IMAP-capable mailbox. This is also pretty unique. (See the IMAP Bible for more information on this question.)
  5. Developer promises at least one-way SMS messaging in forthcoming, 1.1 version, slated for May. Now, their Palm version already supports even two-way messaging

The bad

  1. restriction of four concurrent accounts logged in at a time
  2. complete lack of Landscape orientation support – very bad news for slide-out or clamshell keyboard users (HTC Wizard, TyTN/Hermes, Universal etc.)
  3. prone to crashes
  4. not effective, Web browser-based rendering: slow, bandwidth-hungry and causes the on-screen SIP to be hidden with some people
  5. doesn’t automatically re-login when the connection (temporarily) terminates: a problem particularly with unattended, suspended mode
  6. no file transfer, no logging, all chat windows are immediately closed when the connection terminates, no support for conferencing


Promising. Needs a little more work and bugfixes on the developer’s part, though.

UPDATE (03/27/2007): PPCT frontpage

UPDATE (04/10/2007): Just Another Mobile Monday frontpage

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