Great, free Java Virtual Machine Mysaifu Version 0.2.2 is out!

Mysaifu is currently the only, fully Java-compatible Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is indeed worked on. The others either have been long abandoned long ago (for example Jeode) or haven't been touched for at least a year (IBM J9, CrEme). Mysaifu has been developed by leaps and bounds. Some months ago it was completely unable to display any graphics or GUI components and was by far the slowest JVM; now, it's displaying them quite well and feels much faster. I've throroughly tested it with Wyvern, the Java-based multiplayer game (please see the accordingly updated Roundup of Pocket PC Multiplayer Games). Much as it still has bugs, generally, I was happy with what I have seen – indeed this JVM has great potential. ADDITION (03/15/2006, 6:50CET): at night, I played around a bit more with the Mysaifu version to find out more about its WM5 and Toonel-compliance. Unfortunately, it's still useless in this combination - the length of incoming pages is still severely limited at around 7-8 kbytes. It, of course, works flawlessly together with Toonel under previous WM versions.

Unfortunately, it still doesn't support applets.

With PIE, you need to use either CrEme or Jeode; with Opera Mobile, there aren't any ways of running Java applets yet.

Aruna, just checked the latest, 0.3.4 version: it still doesn't support applets.

That is, you still only have four choices:

- an old version of JEODE (if you can get hold of it and if it does work on your handheld - that is, it isn't locked to a particular handheld type - mostly one of the h38xx/h39xx/h54xx series)
- CrEme (too bad it's not sold for individuals)
- Netfront (too bad its Java support is definitely inferior to that of CrEme)
- Thunderhawk (its client/server model might not be the best for many users)

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