Into Instant Messaging? DO check out OctroTalk (and my forthcoming roundup!) – it rules!

UPDATE (02/27/2007 11:00 CET): I've finished adding the mChat / gsICQ column (which are really GREAT and free (!) ICQ, Jabber, / ICQ clients, REALLY worth checking out if you're into these services! They are WAY better than PocketICQ, for example!) and have continued adding data usage figures. About 60% of the main article is already ready; I really hope I'll be able to, finally, publish it today or early tomorrow.

UPDATE (02/25/2007 13:00 CET):

- I’ve greatly enhanced the IRC column with current, related info on the latest wmIRC and PocketIRC versions.
- added a completely new row with some real bandwidth usage data. As can be seen, all clients (except for Octro, of which the central server seems to be currently down, not allowing for any kind of connection) have very small bandwidth usage with MSN and while waiting for incoming messages; about ~3 kbytes / 10 minutes; that is, ~430kbytes a 24-hour day. If you have a sufficiently (bigger than 20-30M) large data plan, allowing persistent cellular data connection all the time you’re awake won’t really have a very bad effect on your bill (only on your battery life, if you don’t, for example, disable UMTS / HSDPA if your mobile uses them instead of the much more battery-friendly GPRS).
- additional cleanups / small modifications

UPDATE (02/24/2007 10:50 CET): PPCT frontpage

A completely new column discussing Webmessenger Mobile Instant Messenger for Pocket PC 2003 is added; (compared to the last update some 12-13 hours ago) two new rows (“Text formatting (AIM : full formatting; Yahoo: Bold / Italic / Underlined; IRC: the same + colors + inverse)? (MSN: Edit / Change font only changes the font of the entire current / following messages; that is, it offers no real formatting capabilities; ICQ and Google Talk: absolutely no formatting capabilities)†and “Quick edit shortcuts (Ctrl-A, Delete, Ctrl+arrow etc)â€) and a half-row (“Smiley outputâ€) added, along with a lot of other smaller edits/additions.

Dunno when the article gets ready; it’s highly possible only tomorrow. Be patient :)

The original article:

... and a sneak peek into my forthcoming article on WM-based instant messenger apps ;-)

Yeah, I’m working on another roundup, this time on one of the subjects causing the most confusion with Windows Mobile users: those of instant messenger applications.

You’ll see how superior the built-in Live Messenger client in the new Windows Mobile 6 is / will be (so much for pundits’ calling WM6 just a minor update without sporting ANYTHING really cool!) compared to the old MSN Messenger. The difference between it and the previous version is even bigger than between the two Terminal Server clients in WM6 and in the previous Windows Mobile versions!

You’ll also see a decent comparison between all the three well-known major multi-purpose instant messenger clients and you’ll see how they compare to ALL the available Windows Mobile Internet Relay Chart (IRC) clients and PocketICQ, the stand-alone, very old ICQ client for Windows Mobile.

Finally, I’ll introduce you to the latest, most promising and very dynamically evolving instant messenger client, OctroTalk, which, while still in beta, is really worth checking out even now (because it’s free now, at least until the end of February! Go get it while you can – for free!)

Now, “only†the heart of the entire roundup, the Comparison & Feature Chart is (mostly) ready (with some 130 (!) screenshots linked from there). Still, particularly if you already know how I structure my comparison charts and have also read at least some of my previous IRC client-related articles, you’ll find the chart immensely useful.

And, again, don’t forget to check out OctroTalk if you’re into instant messaging on the Pocket PC. You may also want to check out this thread for more information.

Comments are welcome!

(I plan to finish and publish the article tomorrow. Now, I’m dog-tired and just can’t work further on the article – really need to go out and do some Nordic walking and, then, go to bed. No sauna for today and I can’t swim either because some of my teeth have just been abraded to receive some bridges, which means extreme sensibility to cold water.)

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Thanks! I'll fix the typo ASAP.

Thanks for the feedback! Sure I won't forget to include it - it's just that, so far, I've been working on the other columns, this is why I still haven't included info on mChat / gsICQ. I've been using it for quite a lot of time (since I've read it over a Russian PPC site; see this) and have always liked it.

Martin, according to this Smartphone-based review, the Smartphone version of Live Messenger will be pretty similar to the Pocket PC one, feature-wise.

newbie, you mean an SMS application instead of Messaging, something like Palm's SMS Threader? Unfrotunately, the latter isn't available for separate purchase. However, this thread may help - hope someone does post an answer there (original thread here).

Wow! Thanks for the heads up; will include it in the article.

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