Managed to make Jeode, the Java Virtual Machine, work under WM5! That is, you can run Java Applets in Pocket Internet Explorer o

A few days ago when I checked the WM5 compliance of all Pocket PC Java Virtual Machines (JVM's), I realised neither CrEme not Jeode, the two most important JVM's for the Pocket PC, work; at least not without manual hacking.

Since then, I've done some serious work to try to make these two JVM's work. I'll write more about CrEme if I manage to make it work (I'm still fine-tuning it); in this blog post, I only concentrate on Jeode.

I was successful at this: successfully found out why Jeode didn't work under WM5 and now, it's working just great. The problem with Jeode 1.7.3 (more on Jeode versions later) is that the CAB file the installer installs on the Pocket PC contains another CAB file, jeode.CAB, which is then put in the root of the file system of the Pocket PC. Two of the earlier operating systems, WM2003 and WM2003SE automatically execute this CAB file after it has been uncompressed. Pocket PC 2002 and WM5 don't.

This means after the "official" install of Jeode, you must manually fire up File Explorer (or any alternative file explorer tool) on your WM5 Pocket PC, go to the root directory and click jeode.CAB for it to be installed.

Please note that this may only concern Jeode version 1.7.3, the version that came with some models in the iPAQ 3xxx series without being locked and, therefore, still available to many Pocket PC "oldtimers". To my knowledge, 1.7.3 is the latest version of Jeode that might still be on some of your original iPAQ CD's and you can freely use on your other Pocket PC's. (Some) newer versions of Jeode, for example, version 1.9.3 shipped with (and locked to) the iPAQ 5550 don't have this problem and need not this manual CAB install start. They, however, can only be installed on the iPAQ 5550. Older (pre-1.7.3) versions of Jeode may have the bug too – I'm not sure because I only have versions 1.7.3 and 1.9.3.

Jeode's being compatible not only means it can run Java applications like Toonel (see the above-linked blog entry), but also that you can run any applets on WM5 Pocket PC's using Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE), as can be seen for example in this screenshot (showing the Crossword applet). Again, no alternative Pocket PC Web browsers, except for Thunderhawk (see the WM5 compliance test report here), currently support Java under WM5 because:

  1. NetFront 3.2 is incompatible with WM5 – it starts but can't access any pages
  2. The technical previews of NetFront 3.3, the new version of NetFront, don't have a JVM and, therefore, can't run applets. It's only the final, commercial NetFront 3.3 version that is likely to have built-in Java support – and noone knows when it will be released.
  3. Minimo and Opera don't have Java support at all

It's no longer sold; however, if you're a previous Compaq/HP iPAQ user (models sold in 2001-2002), the unlocked version of Jeode will most probably be on your CD's that came with the iPAQ.

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